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Dec 31, 2012 10:55 AM

Lunch near Westminster Abbey/Parliament

Happy New Year!
We are planning on visiting Westminster Abbey and then a tour of Parliament after. I am having a hard time finding some place to go for lunch that is walking distance in the area. We would either go for breakfast/early lunch beforehand or stop for something between the Church and Parliament.
I know the Cinnamon Club is near, but we plan to have Indian later in the week. Inn the Park seems to be an option, but I don't seen that it's well reviewed by CH'ers.


Thanks to this site, so far I have plans to visit:
Tapas Brindisa, Copita or Golden Union Fish first night (depending on mood)
Opera Tavern
Les Deux Salons for brunch before an afternoon concert at St. Martin in the Fields
Gordon's Wine Bar then maybe Lupita (close to hotel)
Lunch at St. Pauls
Cafe Spice Namaste (Ceremony of the Keys at Tower of London)

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  1. There are some options within a short walk:
    If you head a couple of minutes up Downing Street, you get to the Red Lion, which does OK-ish food.
    Or you could hop onto a bus up Victoria Street for 5 minutes - there are lots of restaurants (mainly chains) towards the Victoria Station end.
    OR (and this would probably be my recommendation), you could walk across the scenic Westminster Bridge and turn left on the far side, past the London Eye and towards the concrete monolith of the South Bank Centre. There are lots of restaurants here, such as modern Mexican at Wahaca, dimsum at Ping Pong, or if you were after a special (slow) lunch, then the Skylon in the Royal Festival Hall.

    There is also a cafe actually in Parliament (just to the right off Westminster Hall, the large stone hall just after security) - again, only OK-ish cafeteria food, but speedy, and no diversion from your planned route required at all. This would be the food-as-fuel option.

    1. PS Should have specifically mentioned Canteen in the Southbank Centre - great British food, including breakfast.

      1. It's not an area blessed with great restaurants and the decent ones tend to be very corporatey and full of politicos 'lunching' which is not my idea of a fun lunch on holiday.

        How much time do you have in between? I'd be tempted to wander up Whitehall and go to Terroirs but it's a fair old round trip, as is Skylon.

        1. As I suspected, doesn't sound like there is much around there. I liked the advice below, Terroirs is in walking distance but not sure about the timing. Maybe hit Westminster Abbey early, lunch then the tour of Parliament. Many of the others (thanks Shivaun) are pretty far away, but I will add to my list for other nights.

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            You've got a great itinerary all round - let us know how you get on,

          2. There's a newsih Korean place near Victoria station called Lime Orange.
            It's about a 10-15 min walk from Westminster.
            I've not been but there was mention of it a while ago on here.