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Dec 31, 2012 09:44 AM

Early dinner, no pork or shellfish, with two smalls, in Vancouver

Hey all, HNY and here's a question for you: the subject line says it all I think. It will be a weeknight and should be a place that takes resos or doesn't have a wait, so Via Tevere is sadly out as it would be perfect.

So far I'm thinking Anatolia's Gate, Zakkushi, Song Huong or Hai Phong, Nuba, Kalvins (with a reso), Long's (with a reso), or Adelita's.

There's a place on Fraser I was reading about that sounded promising but I can't for the life of me remember the name, except that I think it's only one syllable. One of their specialties was some kind of fries served in little stacks (how vague is that?).

Open to other ideas if you have 'em... TIA.

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  1. Hey GE,

    That place on Fraser you're thinking of is prolly FRAY. I've not been, so can't comment on how they'd suit your requirements:

    But since you mentioned Via Tevere, I'm guessing pizza is viable. Have you considered Barbarella ? They start at 5pm and I've done two dinners there arriving around 5:30-ish and the place was pretty empty both times, and once was a Friday night. And the space is very amenable to little 'uns :-


    Other fam-friendly places in the 'hood recs include:

    - Splitz Grill
    - Acorn
    - The French Table (might be a stretch)
    - Ogenki Sushi/Ramen
    - SD Galleria/Simply Delicious Sushi
    - Chaise Lounge
    - Dream Sushi

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Update: Fray is gone!

      Koi Tapas on Kingsway also closed last week. Had been meaning to try it.

    2. Fray is definitely family-friendly. I always see kids there and they have board games available.

      1. Happy New Year.
        We've always enjoyed Zakkushi with kids and we're not the only ones: there are often other families there if you go when it opens. The booth at the window is good for containment purposes if the littles are little. Quite a lot of pork and shrimp on the menu if that's a problem.
        We recently discovered Nuba (a little behind the curve) and the kids really liked it too. As a bonus it introduced cauliflower into their limited veg repertoire. Mind you they aren't that little anymore.
        Interested to know what you decide.

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        1. re: waver

          Beefy Beef Noodle House (next to Zakkushi) has worked well for us (we have 6 yr-old). Items like the beef roll pancake, potstickers/boiled dumplings or fried rice can never go wrong. And many of the items come in beef, pork or veggie versions as per GE's requirements.

          1. re: LotusRapper

            Fray! That's it!

            Thanks for all the ideas, gang. I'll check in with the other perps and see what the consensus is. I'm kinda craving Mexican so may attempt to sway the troops toward Adelita's, LOL.

            The time of choice is 6:30 so I think that vetos Via Tevere. We are now completely spoiled and can't eat pizza anywhere elso, so are doomed to going and waiting before it opens.

        2. I recently went to Rocky Mountain Flatbread because I needed to pick a place for a larger group including 3 toddlers and RMF kept coming up as "kid-friendly". Food was pretty tasty, and they had kids' menus with crayons and a whole play area as well.

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          1. re: twinkienic

            Did you go to the one in Kits or on Main? I've done the Kits one a couple of times for similar, and found the food acceptable but pricey for what it was, and the place was just chaotic. Maybe the Main one is better?

            1. re: grayelf

              Main one is "better" (read: less rugrats running around, LOL) and I find the kids there generally older. However I agree, the food is acceptable but quite pricey for what you get. The largest pies, er I mean, flatbreads, that are barely enough for two adults, start from the mid $20's. Having said that, the kids' menu prices are no worse than most restos. A recent dinner we had late summer comprising one large flatbread, a salad, bowl of tomato basil soup, one glass of wine, one milk and a coffee nearly grazed $60. So AFAIC, the value isn't really there at RMFC if I can get better pies and overall value at, say, Barbarella or Versace, two other pizzerias we find quite family friendly.

              1. re: LotusRapper

                Ended up going with the tried-and-true Long's for three main reasons: reservations, walking distance for our friends and know the menu well. We had a fine meal for six for $55 and closed the place down. Thanks for all your suggestions, though -- will definitely be referring to this thread in future.