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Dec 31, 2012 09:20 AM

Restaurant in Bromont

I'm looking for a good restaurant in Bromont for a dinner for two. Which are the bests?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've had a rec for l'Imperial, but it is in Granby, 20 minutes away by car. Otherwise, there seems to be a nice French restaurant, La Perouse, in downtown Bromont, which would be preferable, provided it is good, as we can walk there.


      My boyfriend and I went there last year and we had a most delecatable meal. The service was great and the food was very tasty.

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        I've also heard great things about l'Étrier.

        If you want something less pricey, I've had good meals at David & Goliath on the Shefford strip (it's less casual than it seems on its website). And my husband and I love Brouemont for their burgers. Looks a little kitsch but man are their burgers good. Very casual, very friendly.

      2. Thanks for the replies. We've eliminated l'Étrier, not doubt it is very good, but the menu seemed a little too dull (too typical terroir-French).

        We'd settled on l'Impérial in Granby, but it is closed, so are thinking of trying Attelier Archibald, in Granby as well.

        Main dilemna is if it is worht driving into Granby (20 mins away) for a better meal.

        Otherwise, in Bromont directly, which would be closer, I had heard from someone that David and Goliath has a killer tartare. Their site is just a turn off however.

        The other option in Bromont is MacIntosh pub, which probably won't be the best of meals, but is just a few minutes walk from our hotel, and we have one rec which says it's not bad. Honestly, we could live with just good (as opposed to very good or great :) )

        So still thinking.

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          Here's a list of restos in Bromont:

          There are quite a few good choices along the main street in the "old" town - I can't remember which ones I've been to, but there were a few good choices. Macintosh Pub is OK as is Brouemont (which is also a microbrewery). No need to head to Granby!

        2. Did Laurent Godbout finally opened his restaurant at the Bromont Airport ?

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            Well Attelier Archibald is a Laurent Godbout restaurant.