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Stuffed Breads...........

I'm going to a party tonight and I'm planning on bringing some stuffed breads. Pretty much pizza dough rolled out meat's cheeses placed on it and then all rolled together I guess Stromboli style.

I've done pepperoni/salami cheese, ham cheese, even rueben's with corned beef cheese and sour kraut lastly broccoli rabe' and cheese.

Any other suggestions I'm hitting a brick wall with any other tasty meat's, cheeses, veggies to stuff.

Thanks and Happy Healthy New Year's to you all !!!

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  1. I do a strudel with bacon, dates & goat cheese, that I found in an old Gourmet magazine. Also did a salmon, asparagus, goat cheese one as well. Sure you could do that in pizza bread.

    Or how about figs, Proscuitto or Serrano ham & Gorgonzola?
    Wild mushrooms, swiss or Gruyere and herbs?

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      omg - Dirty - please oh please oh please - can you share the bacon, dates and goat cheese recipe? I will google it now to see if I can find it.

      is this it??

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        Yes, that's it! It's wonderful, I gotten raves when I made them, enjoy it!

    2. I used to resell bread in markets and at special events....sold a lot of Italian bread and the favorites were

      Lard Bread
      Prosciutto Bread.
      Sausage and Mozzarella
      Pepperoni and Mozzarella
      Spinach and Mozzarella
      Broccoli and Mozzarella

      I used to sell them Stromboli style, or rolled around the ingredients as you describe....however the breads that were most popular were the long loaves or Round Pannella Style loaves where the ingredients were incorporated into the dough itself and baked off...Lard Bread style.

      Believe it or not, Asian Bakeries make sweet bread wrapped around hot dogs....or ham, cheese and corn.

      It may be too late to start this...but I would also try some Philly Favorites...

      Cheesesteaks.....or Pork, Broccoli Rabe and Sharp Provolone.

      1. smoked salmon and cream cheese
        bacon, hard boiled eggs, cheese
        oven dried tomatoes and mozzarella

        1. Spinach and feta is really nice but if you like more "melty" you can use mozz.

          Caramelized onions, sautéed spinach and mozzarella would be good.

          How about caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms and gruyere.

          One of my sons favorite dinners are a spin on pigs in blanket-pizza dough wrapped around sweet italian sausages.

          1. We make calzones with cooked hot Italian sausage, provolone, mozzarella & herbed up ricotta. Sometimes throw a little sautéed in garlic oil spinach in there. Sounds boring but it's good.

            1. DDD Four Kegs special Stromboli (Las Vegas NV)...IIRC:

              Marinara sauce

              1. Chicken and Eggplant, Broccoli and Cheese. Gost Cheese and Fresh Figs.

                1. I have CRAZY/GOOD neighbor who can't wait to play with is "toy" (snowblower) when we get a storm in NJ... bear with me!?! When it snows he does my driveway and refuses any money... what a guy!!

                  During one snow storm, he (his boys and football crowd) became "guinea pigs" with a SUCCESSFUL experiment. Have made pepperoni bread before... LOTS of pepperoni and provolone, rolled in dough and baked. This time I made "taco" bread. Taco meat... cooked WAY down to almost dry. Cooled and spread on big recatangle of dough, GENEROUS amount of cheddar cheese, and jellyrolled before baking. Kinda knew it wouldn't be a fail... was a HIT and got request for more when Super Bowl rolled around in February.

                  Also made them muffaletta. Olive salad... green and black olives, onions, garlic, roasted red peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, a few anchovies, nice glug of olive oil in food processor till relatively smooth but stll had texture. Though typically a big round bread, I used long loaves of a nice crusty bread... semi- hollowed out. Smeared generous amount of olive mixture in bottom and top... after drizzle of nice olive oil. Then just went to town layering meats & cheeses... ham, turkey, salami, pepperoni, provolone. Wrapped in foil and weighted down for a little while. It rapidly disappeared at another Super Bowl party.

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                    That sounds really good. Did you use pizza dough or a regular bread dough for the "taco" bread?

                  2. Can I tag on here and ask how people store these? It ruins the bread to refrigerate but I'm not comfortable leaving meat out for hours/days.

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                      freezer, then reheat/crisp in the oven.

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                        I was thinking for shorter term, eg. I make it today and want to bring it to a potuck the next day. Or even, bake in the morning and want have for dinner?

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                          I guess personally, if it were for tomorrow, I would still freeze, but I am psycho about freshness when it comes to bread. In your second case, I would hope to assemble and refrigerate and then bake off ala minute. Or just let it sit out on the counter and feel fine about it.

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                            Yeah, I'm fine for myself on leaving it out, even overnight. It's just that I take the extra cautious route when cooking for others. In the latter case, it's a matter of baking when I have time and then wanting dinner ready to go when I get home. For the day before case, it's usually for cases when I'm leaving in the morning and want something to grab and go, eg a trip or ski potlucks (those are the two that I've faced).

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                            Fridge. It's not quite the same, but it's also not a "loaf of bread," either. I store mine in the fridge and reheat in the oven, no problems. The bread part is not so thick, it's just a holder for the filling.

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                              I've been doing the fridge, too. I don't reheat, though, because it's usually my "grab and go" solution. The fridge isn't terrible--I was hoping there might be something better.

                      2. i usually go with a pizza dough ring - mini pizza dough circles stuffed with mozzarella cheese, balled up, brushed with melted butter or olive oil with different seasonings (basil, oregano, pizza spices...)then placed in a bundt pan and baked until brown - i'll usually put some extra shredded cheese on top in the last few minute of baking - i put that out with bowls of spiced tomato sauce for dipping - always a big success.

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                          Oh you are evil. Now I have to feed my starter so I can make some dough for this.