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The Shed, Nottinghill Gate area -- outstanding

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We just returned from a UK holiday trip that included dinner at newish restaurant, The Shed, in Nottinghill Gate. If you are looking for some very creative British cooking, with much produce and meats from their own Sussex farm (and good wines from Sussex as well as international, too), we highly recommend this place.

It's small plates/ tapas style with a mixture of small bites, cured meats, "Slow Cooked" dishes and Quickly cooked items, plus a changing cheese selection and desserts. We started with an excellent venison pate that tasted as if it had included cured as well as fresh meat in the mixture, served with a bit of lightly pickled onion. We then had three outstanding dishes: oak-smoked potatoes (smoked and then roasted in butter) that were so good I'm considering the purchase of a stove-top smoker; a lovely roasted root vegetable salad with a tahini-honey dressing and topping of dukkah; and "lamb chips." The latter were made from slow braised lamb (shoulder?) that was flaked, pressed, cut into long, thick logs, then breaded and quickly fried. This was served with a spicy but not too hot dipping sauce of tomato and harissa -- outstanding! There were plenty of other dishes on the menu I would have liked to try too, and so will definitely return. Prices were pretty reasonable as well -- the larger plates ran from 5 - 10 pounds each and with bread and two cheese portions (with a nice quince chutney and rye crackers) afterward, the meal we had was plenty satisfying for two.

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  1. You lost me at "good wines from Sussex."

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      There's award-winning wine from Surrey - why not Sussex?? :-)

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        Nyetimber is from Sussex and is excellent.

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        Very good wines in fact from Nutbourne Vineyards. We had the Bacchus and the rose.


        It's a fact that the south of England is benefitting from global warming, especially for sparkling wines. We've had a number of good to excellent ones in recent years, and some have been winning tastings over the French.