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Dec 31, 2012 08:19 AM

Ipoh, Malaysia - Indulgence: Best Afternoon Tea Spot

Indulgence is, IMO, the BEST spot for English-style afternoon tea in Ipoh. Its setting - in a former British colonial Mock-Tudor bungalow amidst expansive lawns - certainly sets it apart from other Ipoh eateries.

Owner-chef, Julie Song's repertoire of cakes and pastries is peerless in Ipoh. I liked her scones a lot. Her tangy homemade jam was a bit too liquid for my taste, and I wished it was clotted cream instead of simply whipped cream.

The tiramisu lacked the touch of alcohol, but I guess they are maintaining a "halal", Muslim-friendly menu.

The creamy persimmon-meringue cake, with shards of chocolate, was tasty - almost like an Aussie pavlova. Love it.

The chicken sausage in puff pastry was THE best I'd had anywhere in Malaysia. Not to be missed!

Macaroons were perfect - crisp, fragile, with creamy filling.

I need to come back for dinner sometime - the menu looked fabulous.

Address details
Indulgence Restaurant
14 Jalan Raja Di Hilir
30350 Ipoh
Tel: +605 255 7051

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  1. I went there a couple of years back. Ordered three cakes for afternoon tea and they were disappointing without exception.

    Your tiramisu looks mighty familiar; I disliked it not because of the lack of alcohol but because the chocolate over the top was dried out and tired (like when you leave it uncovered in a cold fridge for a long time). The whole thing was about as interesting as a tea towel, and service was as bad as we have come to expect in Malaysia, sad to say.

    Maybe things have changed, but with the limited amount of time I spend in Ipoh each year, is a return visit worth the flutter?

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    1. re: Julian Teoh

      Definitely worth a return visit as things would certainly have improved from when you were there two years ago (I'd read some negative reports at that time, too) - the food this time was fresh and quite exceptional, better than some top-tier KL spots of the same standing, and the service was flawless. We enjoyed the scones very much, and Julie Song's "homemade" strawberry jam was enjoyable, even if a bit tart and liquidy.

      As it was also the Christmas-New Year festive period, turnover was quite fast, so the cakes we had were freshly-baked/prepared.

      BTW, Julie Song also opened "Burps & Giggles", a trendy cafe-bar at the Sekeping Kong Heng developnment in the Old Town. I found Sekeping Kong Heng's approach of blending ultra-Zen modern boutique hotel facilities into existing century-old shophouse buildings extremely exciting. Imagine an art gallery, a cafe & a bookstore/library under 100-year-old fig trees, surrounded by moss-covered bare walls and exposed timber frames, and a deluxe hotel sitting right atop Kong Heng and Thean Chun coffeeshops, where Hainanese 'ah-kohs' are still churning out their staples like Ipoh "kai see hor fun", pork satays, popiahs and creme caramel, like they'd done for decades.

      Some pics to share of Sekeping Kong Heng (which we visited right after we heard about it from the Indulgence folks) which promises to be the hottest spot in Ipoh in due course, if managed properly.