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Dec 31, 2012 07:48 AM

Best Price on Fresh Raw Oysters?

What is the best price market price for raw oysters in the Southbay area? I've seen them on sale at the 99 Ranch Market in Gardena for 79 cents apiece but the regular season price is currently 99 cents. Northgate Supermarket in Hawthorne has the little ones for 59 cents apiece when they are available. They were 42 cents apiece a few months ago. SMart in Torrance has them for 99 cents apiece but they look kind of sorry. Who else besides the Redondo Beach pier and Ports of Call Village have them for sale at a decent price?

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  1. You can get them at the SM farmers market from Carlsbad Aquafarm. They are literally sold the same day as they are pulled from the water. They charge $10/dozen. I know they are at the wednesday and saturday markets in SM and am sure they are probably at some others around town.

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      Doesn't get cheaper than this for quality oysters.

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        They are also at the Hollywood farmers market on Sundays.

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          They are at the farmer's market in the city of Orange near Chapman Un. on Cypress St. Saturday mornings. Three oysters for $5 shucked on the spot for eating right there!!

      2. The Hungry Cat in Santa Monica has great oysters at 1/2 price on Monday nights. Helluva deal. About $1.00 each, served beautifully.

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          but the last time we were there we were told that they only serve one dozen per person per visit per monday per night.....

          i eat one dozen before i eat one dozen, then i eat one dozen more.

          ......i wonder if one may accrue monday nights......