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Good Subs/Heros near Exit 117/114

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I've found the two places I will go for subs/heros now.

Jersey Style Subs - ie, A little Softer Bread, oil vinegar, etc..

Jersey Shore Subs and Soups - 15 Main Street, Keyport

Awesome Subs, Boards Head Meat, they are piled high. He's got some good specials, and his soups are great too. I've had the Pasta Fagoili, Chicken Pot Pie, and Philly Cheese steak. Favorite sub so far is Roast Beef, Fresh Mozz, Roasted Red Peppers, Lettuce, onions, and balsamic.

Brooklyn Style - ie, Harder Bread, more itailian ingrediants like prosuito, veal, balsamic, etc.

544 Route 35
Middletown, NJ 07701
(5 Guys plazza)

These subs "Heros" are awesome and they are huge. They also do a full line of catering, and also have deli items (marinated mozzarella is delicious!) And also the fried raviolis! Need to have at least 6 every time you go.

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  1. I've been a fan of Elsie's in Red Bank (Exit 109) since I was still in my lowercase days. Is it really worth heading further north?

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      I think its the best subs I've found around here. I've never been to Elsie's though. Growing up in Laurence harbor, Red Bank was always some sort of far away destination.

    2. Slatter's exit 117 down near Earl.....excellent sub place.

      There is Demarco's on 34 in Matawan which was always excellent however since Lavotti's Italian Deli has opened up one strip mall away it has really killed Demarco's business. (Not that the personality of the employees there didn't do enough damage over the years, I stopped going a long time ago just for that reason).

      1. I get my cold cuts at Taliecio's (have been for 25 years or so). I haven't actually had any of their sandwiches, but they do look good. Try their strombolis or their own cold cuts (sweet ham, roast beef, and pork loin are the ones I usually see). And if they have the chicken cordon bleu balls, get a couple dozen.

        My favorite deli salad of theirs is the 3 potato. The others are fine but nothing special.

        1. Taliercio's is amazingl Huge subs and they are moderately priced. Yum. We used to live on Route 34 in Matawan and were big fans of DeMarco's as well. But that's going back about ten years.

          1. It looks like Mike's Subs is pouring a new foundation where the originally stood before the hurricane. I thought Paul's place made a nice sandwich and I always left with a pickle from the deli jar! Nice mac salads too.

            Jersey Shore Subs has taken 2nd place with my son and that's still praise given the subs he's eating at college in Philly.

            I like the subs made by Elsie's, Slatters on Hwy 36 & 35, at Lavotti's I have to order a hot sub, their eggplant is so good.

            But my sandwich place in mon cty is Readie's
            Broad Street, RB

            1. Taliercios does indeed make a mean sub!

              Try some of the specialty subs at Ruvolos in Highlands. They make some great subs there (well the special ones since that is all I really get there.) I am not sure about the regular ones. The specialties have some quirky names like the "godfather"

              I am still looking for a decent cheese steak around monmouth county.

              For eggplant parm check out Caio Bella in highlands too...best around IMO.

              Believe it or not, the bagel place in atlantic highlands make some awesome subs. I get them before I go out fishing. They make two awesome subs. The Roast beef with cheddar and horse radish is one of my favorites. And on the italian side, they make a spicy sub with hot cappicola,fresh moz, prosciutto, salami, and possibly a few slices of pepporoni. Whatever the case is, it is good and the bread there is wonderful. And yes, I get hot peppers on it too : )

              Elsies and Slaters are OK but there is better around if you know where to look.