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Dec 31, 2012 07:01 AM

How-to...Vacumn-packed foie gras storage

Was excited to bring 2 separately wrapped lobes from Philly back to CA. Am going to open, and use half of one lobe tonight. Recommendations on how to store the other half, and also the unopened package. TIA.

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  1. the unopened package will last in the fridge until the date on the label -- or you can freeze it.

    The opened half will now need to be used or tightly wrapped and frozen within a day or two.

    (I'm assuming they're raw)

    1. Just a question, but I have seen a few threads like this with people bringing foie back to california. Can't you still just order Foie Gras from dartanan or hudson valley and have it shipped to you in california? I thought the ban was on the raising of the foie in california, and the sale of it in california. (meaning you could still buy it out of state and have it shipped in legally).

      Have I totally misunderstood the ban?