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Dec 31, 2012 02:21 AM

Paris with 2 year old - Opera, St Germain & Merais


We have an upcoming 5 day long weekend in Paris with a pretty well behaved 2 year old who eats out in London all the time and eats most of anything. He is happy to sit in adult chairs.

We are staying in the 9th near Cadet but are used to walking for dinner restaurants, and also usually spend a lot of time in St Germain and Merais neighborhoods.

Would appreciate any restaurant /bistro recommendations which have great food and we could bring our lad along.

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    1. re: sistereurope

      I/we've had the super pleasure of having had a 2-yo with us on a sabbatical and we ate everywhere from L'Huitriere in the 17th (kids hate oysters? Show me) to Bouclard in the 18th (where they plied her with salami, chocolate mousse, etc,) I am not allowed, nor should I be, to steer you to my writings, but in sum, bring lots of stickers and crayons and learn'em to speak in "restaurant voices" and you'll do very well indeed.