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Dec 31, 2012 01:00 AM

Chinese or Chinese take-out for NYE in Cerritos area

The DH wants to have a Chinese or Chinese take-out dinner for NYE. We travel down to the OC for most of our meals with my family down there (Newport Seafood). Haven't done a whole lot of Chinese eating in our own neck of the woods. Looking for a reputable establishment for our meal. Not willing to drive down to the OC or SGV because I'm working that day and NY day...gotta love financial reporting. I'm not willing to travel distances or brave crowds.


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  1. My go-to place in Cerritos is the Prince, now called the Royal Garden, but have only gone for dim sum, which is very good for the area. I cannot speak for dinner, though.

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      Have you been since it became Royal Garden? There appears to have been a complete change in operation.

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        Sorry I missed your post, and I admit I haven't been in a while, though others have mentioned that things were the same.

    2. Cerritos/Artesia has been trending more to Taiwanese and other non-Cantonese Chinese food lately as evidenced by the recent opening of Liang's Kitchen on Norwalk Blvd. For Cantonese, I'd advise Ten Ten Seafood in the 99 Ranch shopping center on Pioneer Bl., which seems to be the regional banquet hub these days.

      1. ogawak...thanks for the rec, but I saw the Royal Garden post when I tried searching the board for Chinese in Cerritos.
        chandavlk, thanks for the rec...I've seen Ten Ten many times because I'm a Lee's frequent visitor. Any dishes to recommend?

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          Not really since I've only eaten off the banquet menu. Interestingly though last time we were there we ran into some distant relatives who came down from Anaheim Hills to eat there, which means their drawing range is beyond the immediate area. But I do want to emphasize that this is recommended if you're looking for HK/Cantonese style. If not you can go with TonyC's recs.

        2. Dolphin Bay, Canaan's, May's, or Kim Tar, or Szechwan Garden.

          Kim Tar does a mean 3-item roast over rice. Sadly, prices have increased significantly since, say... 1992. (Yes, they've been there for over 20 years).

          May's or Canaan's for Pan-Chinese Taiwanese-slanted stir fry style foods, Dolphin Bay for Taiwanese street eats. They have the better version of pork chop fried rice in the 10 mile radius, and prices are far cheaper then Ten Ren.

          Szechwan Garden has the best deli tray in the area, and does a very reasonable beef noodle soup (ask the wide noodles)/Sichuan cold noodles.

          Every restaurant mentioned is adroit at to-go. Lee's is the Vietnamese Subway. Anyone with any Chow pride would stay the EFF away.

          I steer far clear of the Royal Princess/10 10, even if they do have a liquor license coming. It's like going to Torrance to eat Cantonese food.

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            Thanks for the recs, TonyC.
            My parent's are friends with the Le family...have been for years since they lived in the tiny little village in Vietnam. The family is good to us...and it's convenient to get a baguette without having to deal with the parking and wait at Porto's in Downey.

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              absolutely understand the importance of Vietnamese kinship. pardon me while I go STFU in the corner.

            2. re: TonyC

              Thanks to TonyC. We ordered a feast from Kim assortment of BBQ, veggies, noodles, beef, etc. The BBQ was great and included pickled veg that went nicely with the meat. The Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce and the green beans were great, too. I wasn't a fan of the house special shrimp, and I've had better renditions of Kung Pao Chicken...but it was a good NYE meal for someone who didn't have time nor energy to cook or go out.