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Dec 30, 2012 10:14 PM

Alhgren Semillon 1990

Well now I am in heaven! This honey colored nectar is the closest I have found to the Bordeaux Blanc that really spiked my wine interest. I was a bit concerned because when I went to the winery on Saturday, I tasted some really old Chards that were not my thing at all and I was not sure if their style of wine making was something I would understand but I took a chance on 3 bottles of Semillon, 2 1995 Cab Francs, and a odd Zin with some 2% residual sugar.

The Semillon is deep and almost thick in the mouth and a grapefruit in honey taste. I am clearing out some room in my small cellar to try an stuff a case or 2.

Valerie and Dexter, the sweet octogenarians owners, are true California characters and I look forward to helping them empty their cellar.

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  1. Do it while you can- they retired about 3 months ago, and the last vintage available is what's released.

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      This is true. I did not know what to expect and was not sure if I would buy anything. None of the wines that were open, spoke to me at all except for this odd, slightly dessert wine Zin. But I have been on a quiet mission to find the flavor of old Semillon and took a shot. If the weather is dry next weekend I'll be back! They seemed to have a several hundred cases of various and sundry, but they could close the doors at anytime.

    2. All I can say is "told you so." ;^)

      1. Several of the best Zinfandels I ever had were 2-4% residual sugar. I believe they were accidents but those wines can go really well with barbecue.

        One of the early releases from Cline when they were still in Oakley with some Vic & Betty's spare ribs was as good a pairing as I've had.

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        1. Went up there today after calling first. As we were about to turn into the drive, a firetruck pulled in before us. Val was apparently not feeling well and Dexter called for med assistance. He told us to check back next week. Hoping all is well for them both!