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Dec 30, 2012 09:49 PM

Anyone eat raw meat liver?

I have not, but am curious.

I've read that if you are going to eat it raw you should freeze it for at least 14 days, but even then it might not be totally pathogen-free.

It's said that some hunters will eat the fresh liver of the animal that they just killed, while it's still warm and, ahem, throbbing.

I also know that Japan banned service of raw beef liver in restaurants as of July this year.

Anyway, curious if there are any raw liver afficianados out there.

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  1. I've had raw foie shaved off of the lobe. I didn't care for it, kind of a waste without a bit or seasoning.

    I usually cook chicken liver but prefer them near raw in the in the center if that kind of counts.

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      I just saw an episode of Bizarre Foods (Detroit), in which Andrew ate raw liver at an Arab supermarket.

      At my local Lao restaurant, I order a pork skin and liver larb that is delicious. However, just as in a ceviche, perhaps the liver does get 'cooked' in the acidic marinade.

    2. I just happened to see an episode of the TV show "Meat Eater" recently. After hunting and killing a wild buffalo in Mexico, the fellow did taste the warm raw liver, but almost immediately decided to cook it.
      I love liver but only unbloody. My Mr. hunts, and fresh deer liver for breakfast is wonderful!

      1. I love liver, and like it on the rare side, but my mom used to nibble on bites of raw calf's liver when she'd prepare it.

        I'm not so crazy about the raw flavor, though I don't find it offensive.

        1. my fiancee loves raw beef liver, unfortunately we are living in Japan so she bought her last liver recently. I am sure she will eventually buy it from a butcher, but no more restaurants for her. I am not so excited to eat it.

          1. I've had liver sashimi at a lot of yakiniku places, but for the most part I'm not really crazy about it. In the best places I've had it in Japan it was extremely clean tasting, but the few times I've eaten it LA it had a much stronger taste and smell. It has been a couple years since the last time I ate it. I don't really trust any restaurant in LA enough to eat more than a piece or two - the places that served it to me in Japan had very close relationships with the people who bred and slaughtered their cows, and the whole process was done knowing that many parts of the animal were going to be eaten raw. I don't know if they froze the liver or not, but I doubt it.