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Dec 30, 2012 07:30 PM

Sierra Leonean food?

As a returned Peace Corps volunteer from Sierra Leone, I like to get my fix of plasas from time to time. Luckily my work often takes me to DC, where I can indulge in the basics like cassava leaf, potato leaf, krain krain (jute leaves), fufu with okra sauce, jollof rice, and ground nut stew at Sumah's. CHers, is there anything similar in the greater Boston area? Bonus points if you can find me a source of sawa sawa.

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  1. I can't help you per se, but if I really wanted to know the answer, perhaps a visit to a British forum or Flyertalk (a broad travel-related site, with a New England section as well) could assist. Or, how about the embassy/closest consulate/mosque in a West African neighborhood? Long shots maybe, but for Sierra Leone, any hint might be a good hint.

    That English is a mother tongue for Sierra Leone is good and...less good. For example, if you wanted something from Gabon, I'd say try a French-language forum/website as well.

    1. You should go check out Suya Joint in Roslindale. They're Nigerian but I think they try to offer a variety of popular West African foods, it should hit most of the dishes you mentioned. I know a couple people who grew up in Nigeria were pretty satisfied to have that available in Boston, though obviously we can't come anywhere near the variety and quality of West African food available in, say, Brooklyn.

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        I can vouch for Suya joint as the (sadly, the only) place if you need to get a fix of jalloff rice, futu & okra (and various other palm and goat soups). Their suya is a highly-satisfying snack especially when ordered 'hot', in which the waiter basically dumps a sugar-shaker full of fiery red (cayenne?) powder over the plate. They have one variety of African beer - Tusker - which I'd bet would make a great accompaniment.

        Hope you are able to scratch your Sierra Leonean/West African culinary itch!

        1. re: Prav

          Hey, thanks for the suggestions. I looked up Suya's menu and they don't have any of the leaf-based plasas common in Sierra Leone, but at least I can get a fufu+okra fix. Will check them out soon.

      2. Worcester has a sizeable African community.Kenyan, Liberian. Anokye Krom restaurant seems poular. There are markets as well but the names elude me.

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