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So, what is your meal on this New Year's Eve?

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Do tell!

As for myself, I don't know yet. Family is away, and popular restaurants will be packed, maybe less accommodating for single diners. I'll figure something out.

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  1. I bought some epoisses and fourme from Murray's Cheese for tomorrow night.

    1. Just broiled chicken thighs, potatoes and a salad for dinner at 6ish. Later in the night we are having focaccia, hot sopresatta, mortadella, grilled scamorza and olives, all from Eataly. And of course some bubbly!

      1. Same thing every year. Caviar and champagne. Once a year, every year.

        1. starting off with a variety of cheeses, Istara, Humbolt Fog, Mimmiolette, mixed nuts, olives, vegetable crudite.
          Then many cocktails, pomegranite martinis, shots of tequila, Gin and Tonics and some beers.
          Then pulling out the lasagna, few pounds of fried chicken cutlets, garlic bread, roasted Brussel sprouts with pancetta, grilled endive and crumbled blue cheese salad.
          No desert as I feel like that just kills the mood and signals the end of a party. Will be about 10 of us.

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            I drooled reading your reply, please tell me what time to be there! Sounds so good, enjoy your evening! Happy New Year!

          2. after a lot of beer, some sort of 51% rice drink that wasn't sake, excess sake and a number of sloe gin and tonics, pretty traditional for the area, had nabe and now am having soba, but its already past new years for me

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                and they were all delicious :P though i am considering seconds of soba

            1. Congee (grounded beef) -- bought it from local Chinatown yesterday. :P

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              1. Roast beef, roasted potatoes/yams/carrots, tossed salad, leftover chocolate from Christmas, sparkling juice because my husband has to work at midnight and I have to work at 6 am tomorrow. :-\

                1. DH and I will be having a nice appetizing/antipasto spread mostly from Zabar's... Nothing like novy and bagels to ring in the new year!

                  1. Lotsa cheese from Murray's and a few bottles of bubbles. Might go to Lobster Place and scope out some caviar as well.

                    1. Staten Island's finest California and tuna rolls at my friends house. Cant wait (rolling eye smiley)

                      1. Gin martinis followed by Dublin Lawyer (lobster meat sauteed with butter, Jameson's and creme fraiche) w/watercress and prosecco, then rib eye steak with pomme frites and a nice CA cab. Probably lights out by 10. (Sorry I thought this was a general topics, but I have spent time in NYC and was born in Newark.)

                        1. We're doing our traditional New Year's "grazing meal", which changes somewhat from year to year.

                          This year it'll be American Hackleback, Alaskan Salmon, & French Trout roe/caviar; smoked lox salmon; whipped cream cheese; crackers; baked clams, potato & cheese pierogies with sour cream; lobster rangoons; crab puffs; & a cheese platter (Smoked Gouda, Humboldt Fog, Pecorino Peppercorn, Aged Cheddar; Dill Havarti; medium-aged Brie; etc.). Plus, there are several bottles of Prosecco & Cava in the fridge.

                          Gee - think that'll be enough for the two of us? Lol!!

                          Any leftovers will simply be a preamble to tomorrow's French Cassoulet.