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Dec 30, 2012 06:20 PM

Is there a cafe in the JCC? [San Francisco]

Is there a cafe or restaurant in the San Francisco Jewish Community Center on California Street?

I couldn't find anything on their website. A google search yielded only old articles about things they tried there that closed (Asian fusion, etc.).

Did they give up on having a place to eat there?

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  1. I am pretty sure all that is there now is a snack bar of some sort. The restaurant space that was at the corner of California & Presidio was converted into a pilates studio some time ago.

    1. There is a snack bar/cafe right by the main foyer, with salads, sandwiches, hot entrees, a salad bar, ice cream. Nothing great (how does a JCC make a decision to serve meh hummus?). But it's definitely serviceable.

      1. So sorry you couldn't find it! We do have a full cafe, called Community Table. The menu appears at https://www.jccsf.org/the-center/the-..., and there are additional daily specials, salad and soup bar, snack and dessert items, etc. Catering menus are also available. Hope you'll stop by!