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Dec 30, 2012 06:16 PM

Dearth of Good Delivery Options in Devon(Milford, CT)

With the demise of the Got Chef truck, then Al Dente, and Nonna's, there seem to be no good delivery options, except maybe for ok "Chinese" food and sushi from Fuji and Hong Kong Tokyo. We order from Honeyspot #2 fairly often- I almost always get a spring mix salad with grilled chicken, DH gets a chef salad, gyro or some kind of sandwich, the garlic bread with cheese is excellent, and I like the people a lot, but something is wrong with our order almost every time. I always order my salad without onions, it sometimes comes with onions or without chicken or some other ingredient it is supposed to have(blue cheese, crasins, candied pecans). DH's gyro frequently arrives without tzatziki, feta, or both, even when it is specifically requested. Milford Pizza and Mexican food does, in fact, make very good Mexican food, but I can't think of a single really good pizza option for pick- up, let alone delivery. Am I missing somewhere outstanding, or even good? Please don't say Bella Napoli- I gave up on them when Nonna's opened.

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  1. I have to jump in and ask if you call to complain when a delivered order is wrong? Be glad you are in an area where there is delivery of any kind. Out my way, it is a 8 mile round trip drive just to pick up a pizza and NO ONE delivers.

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      I usually don't call on that night, but will mention it the next time I order.

    2. Pizza in Milford? Uh...nobody is better than Papa's on Naugatuck Avenue. They have a second location as well. The Naugatuck Ave spot has a couple picnic tables outside for dining "in" when the weather is good. Their pizza is right up there with some of the best from New Haven/West Haven. Easily.

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        I've tried it twice, both times from the Naugatuck Ave location, and wasn't impressed either time- certainly no comparison to Bar or Pepe's, IMO.

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          5 or 6 yer ago the Naugtuck Aelkocaion was really good especialy if eaten at te picnic tabes on sunny afternoon I went downhill afte the secon location opened. Two week ago, bro and sil asked us o me them for apizza at the location near th hospital
          What a dump! A very long wait wth ad service an bad apizza. 2 pies were ordered, one with meat for bro and sil, and one with chese adonions for wife an myself. eat pie arrived in 15 minutes and was completely fshed before the onion pie arrived 45 minutes later. It was vile. The onions were raw and the dough was hard lke a board.Why t took 30 minutes longer for the onion pie than meat pie on the same ticket? It seems thay inerrupted our ticket to make 8 takeout pies.
          We'll NEVER return. Th onion pie sodas and a waste ti was $26 thrown out.

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            Huh...Bar is probably my #1 NH pizza of choice too. Guess I'm just a sucker for Papa's sausage and hot pepper pie...and the kids love it too.


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              You are looking for the top pizza from New Haven in Milford...ain't gonna happen.

              I also like Papa's. Modern in New Haven is my fav and Papa's isn't close but they do make a good pizza (all veg is my fav).