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Dec 30, 2012 06:08 PM

Top Ten according to Chronicle's Jon Bonne

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  1. Not what my top ten looks like.

    1. That's his "most memorable" list. His "best" list is the top 100:

      1. As RL said, he makes a point of saying "memorable" not "best". So a wine like the 11.7% CabFranc and a resurgent wine from Inglenook might have more intellectual impact than their qualities as great wines.
        I will say that I do really like Liocco's wines and the pinot froming Morning Dew is very good. Woodenhead is going to continue to make it from there and there's is very good.

        1. As Robert Said, not his top ten, as in "best"

          "The 10 most memorable wines of 2012"
          By Jon Bonné

          1. I'm always interested in what Jon has to say