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Dec 30, 2012 05:59 PM

Ceramic Bread Knife...Good Deal?

Based on the price, maybe a good deal. Anybody have any experience with this knife?

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  1. A very good deal for a Kyocera ceramic bread knife since Kyocera is the most respected ceramic knife company.

    However, I am not a big fan of ceramic knife. I think this knife will work fine for most bread, but it may have trouble for the very hard crust bread. Another thing is that 7 inch is kind of short for a bread knife.

    1. I have that knife, and agree with CK that it's a very good deal. I paid the equivalent of $50 on sale here in Japan, where they're made.

      Keep in mind (as CK mentioned) that 7 inches is quite short for a bread knife. I use mine for slicing bagels and kaiser rolls. It's perfect for that application -- kind of a sandwich knife rather than a real bread knife. The serrations work quite well.

      I've tried ceramic kitchen knives in the past, and don't really care for them. They aren't as sharp as I like to keep my steel knives, and of course, you can't sharpen them yourself.

      That said, I think ceramic is a good material for a bread knife. The ceramic blade is sharp enough for even crusty bread and holds an edge longer than steel. Since you can't easily sharpen serrated knives anyway, the fact that it's ceramic becomes an advantage rather than a liability.

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        You probably will not find a ceramic knife blade longer than 7 inches. Ceramic's benefit is its ability to keep a sharp edge. The drawback is that the ceramic is fragile. The flexion that happens with a long blade can cause it to break.