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Dec 30, 2012 04:40 PM

Time to update that list... favorite meals of 2012?

I have a list of restaurants on a Mac sticky that helps wifey and I decide where to go, when we occasionally need a little prodding. End of the year strikes that review cord, and going through my list I sure recall a bunch of memorable meals we enjoyed on our nights out. Take a moment Boston hounds, what meals were high on your list in 2012?

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  1. Love this topic. A few memorable meals in 2012: Il Casale and La Campania.

    1. Hmm..I think my 2012 favorites are probably a bit more pedestrian than some of the dishes listed but here goes:

      Apple Cinnamon French Toast - 3 Dogz Diner, Lawrence
      Chicken Felix - Pagliuca's, Boston's North End
      Crabcakes - Maggie's Farm, Middleton
      Lobster Roll - Ipswich Clam Box
      Lemon Angel Hair - Mare, Boston's North End

      1. There was a similar thread a couple days ago. My most memorable were:

        Singapore Street Noodles- Empire

        Garganelli w/ Chicken Oysters- Catalyst (off the menu now!! grrrrrrr)

        Black truffel macaroni w/ madeira & parm- Mistral

        1. There's another thread on pretty much the same topic here: