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Dec 30, 2012 03:53 PM

Outside of Rome cookies made with brachetto

Hi all I am looking for this amazing cookie: looks like oversized sugar cookie -From outside of Rome cant remember the town..but we did drive up a huge hill? small mountain ... my italian friends called it ---"cup a cup a cup" tasted like a sugar cookie with yummy brachetto ..... it was semi hard /crunchy to dip into brachetto/vin santo etc... sweet wine.

Im thinking cup of sugar /brachetto/ flour.... um ??? any ideas?
thank you Denise Stanzione

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  1. Google translation (and their English translation) of description of Brachetto Biscuits (cookies) from an Italian website:

    "Brachetto Biscuits

    Cinnamon sticks, pine nuts and almonds are soaked for several days in Brachetto (a light-bodied and highly aromatic wine with distinctive notes of strawberries) to enhance these fragrant biscuits with delightful spiced notes.


    0 flour, eggs, powdered milk, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, baking powder, butter, very finely ground maize flour, cinnamon, pine nuts, almonds, and Brachetto.

    Available in 200 gr clear bags"