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Dec 30, 2012 03:41 PM

Ssam not good for Broadway matinee lunch?

Starting a new thread as an addendum to my previous post for our visit next month. I had originally hoped to squeeze in an 11:30 lunch reservation at Momofuku Ssam that would allow us to make it to our 2pm show in time. Someone encouraged to seriously consider that option and now that I have I feel maybe we should consider Ma Peche instead.

Does anyone think it's possible to get lunch in at Ssam? Personally, I'd love to bag the show altogether so we could truly enjoy a duck lunch...but alas I'll likely lose that battle in favor of our friends' desire to squeeze in a show in our Sat-Sun visit.

Also, can someone offer some insight on what to expect from Ma Peche? Are there dramatic differences that I'll miss out on from not making it to Ssam? Anything I should be excited for? Has anyone tried the pre-fixe that could chime in?

Still not ruling out grabbing a pastrami at Katz instead :)

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  1. I think you'd be pretty rushed. I'd do Ma Peche, simply so you have more time to linger and are closer to your final destination. Ssam is excellent, but I've eaten at Ma Peche for lunch multiple times and it's always delicious.

    1. Love the lunch at Ma Peche (especially since it's 2 blocks from my office). I'm in love with their divine duck ramen! They've recently changed the lunch menu (no more sandwiches, but the duck ramen remains:-)). I look forward to trying the new lunch menu soon at Ma Peche.

      1. What you would miss out by eating at Ma Peche rather than at Ssam Bar is that the food at Ma Peche, while very good in its own right, is somewhat worse than at Ssam Bar -- and the atmosphere at Ma Peche is infinitely less interesting and fun.

        OTOH, I think you would be crazy to do a lunch at Ssam Bar before a Broadway matinee. Too rushed (and 11:30 is too early). Eat at Ma Peche and have a normal time.

        PS -- Katz's before a Broadway matinee would be insanity. It's too far away, and you'd be too stuffed.

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          Do you think a 12pm reservation at Ma Peche would give us enough time?

          1. re: sean_f

            That should be enough time if your theater is in the west 40s or 50s.

        2. we just went to Bar American (Bobby Flay) and it was awesome. Right in the area.

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          1. re: MacshashRIP

            Have eaten there before and found it really overpriced and underwhelming. What did you order?

            Though I'm pretty sold on Ma Peche at this point - I'm also considering DB Bistro as well.