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Dec 30, 2012 03:11 PM

A week in LV: Off-strip casual fare

I'm visiting LV & am seeking CH's help in making my stay more amenable. Unfortunately most of the posts about LV eats are heavy on top tier restaurants which come at a hefty price. Can anyone here recommend a few casual places with fantastic food that are off strip? Places with an atmosphere & price point similar to DW Bistro?
Location isn't much of a concern but off strip would be appreciated. The places I have discovered so far & intend to share with the CHOW community soon are:
-Egg & I
-Kona Grill
-Gordon Biersch
-DW Bistro
-Strip House

Thank you all!

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  1. For Chinese: China Tango on Charleston in Summerlin
    For Italian: Nora's Cuisine on Flamingo
    For good ol' American: O'Aces Bar and Grill on Decatur

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      I've never even heard of China Tango. Could you tell us a little about it?

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        It's located in back row of the center on the NE corner of Charleston and Town Center. Unlike Panda Express, their food is made-to-order using what appears to be fresh ingredients. The dishes we regularly order are marked spicy and, they really are without having to tell them to make it that way. We love their salt/pepper shrimp, Gen'l Tso's chicken, Mongolian and Hunan Beef dishes. Very flavorful. The prices are considerably below what we used to pay for the same dishes and portions in LA. My only gripe is that I have to ask for fresh hot mustard and chili oil. Otherwise, they give the small prepack junk for take-out

    2. We always hit Mundo when we're in town and have never been disappointed. Very affordable if you go during Happy Hour.

      My pick for best-kept-secret off-strip is in Henderson, the meatloaf sandwich at Layers Bakery Cafe.

      Am anxious to try Meat n Three, also out in Henderson, which I realize is probably farther out than you want to

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        I went to Meat and Three on my last trip, and I considered it only average plus. I didn't order the Brussels sprouts, and they looked fantastic.

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          We were going to a show at the Smith Center on the 15th of December and decided to eat at Mundo. First, it was COLD in the restaurant. Every time the door opened a very cold breeze came in - we kept our jackets on throughout the meal as there were "no other tables available"; a quick glance around the restaurant would indicate otherwise, but perhaps they didn't have suffcient staff. The salsa was "Meh", chips OK. They used to have 3 kinds of salsa, now just one that tastes like it came out of a jar. Calamari was excellent as were the Shrimp Tamales. However, the vegetarian enchiladas had canned mushrooms in them! They were out of place in the dish and certainly didn't meet the standard of quality we have come to expect at Mundo. Makes us wonder if they aren't trying as hard now that they have an increased clientele from the shows at the Smith Center.

          Have any of you other Hounds noticed any changes in Mundo since the Smith Center opened?

        2. I forgot to include another favorite: Via Brasil

          1. Don't forget Lotus of Siam!!
            Milos at the Cosmo for.the 3 course lunch for $20.13.
            Peppermill for some.of that old school vibe.

            1. Tiffany's Cafe, I get the 1/2# Tiffany burger, or the Western Omelette. It is a great place to grub out after a night of fun.