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Dec 30, 2012 02:38 PM

tell me where to go

not my first trip to tokyo, but this time i want to eat.

i live and eat well in new york and would like a greatest hits tour for my four days in tokyo.

i'm coming off a month long trip to india and thailand, so money isn't endless.
and i'll need to be a bit careful.

i'm a woman traveling alone, so i can probably skip the drunk salarymen places, but i'm not at all afraid to be the only girl in a place.

duh, i love ramen, would like a nice sushi meal, and perhaps an alternative to maisen for tonekatsu (although i could go back there if it is the best.)

i love architecture and modern design, so bonus points for pretty modern places by adventurous architects. i also love sweets of all kinds, ice cream especially. i'm staying is asakusa, but any neighborhood is a possibility. nothing too touristy, however, i have exactly zero japanese under my belt. my must stops are the ando ometesando because i think it is the most beautiful building ever and tomorrowland because i think it is the coolest shop ever.

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  1. Ok, these links contain name of the architect, photos, and are separated by four big district.. with places to stop for a drink/eat.. hope you will enjoy the first part of the construction of your trip !!
    - In Ginza, you will have some great one brand buildings, one is the Mikimoto Bldg designed by Ito Toyo, then not far from the De Beers by Mitsui Jun, and so many others like the Hermes (Menzo Piazo..).. the best place to enjoy the Chanel and DeBeers Bldgs is the Il Bulgari Il Bar (under 2,000yens/no charge)..
    - in Roppongi, you will have to visit the twenty one-twenty one museum designed by Ando Tadao, and have diner at the Brasserie Paul Bocuse of the National Art Museum, made by Kurokawa Kisho.. Diner if I remember correctly is at 3,500yens, with view..
    - in Shinjuku, you have to not miss the Metropolitan new city hall by Tange Kenzo, and his son new tower Mode Gakuen Cocoon model. The best stop will be a restaurant of the tour Mitsui Sumitomo.. Tange Kenzo is also very famous for the Fuji Television Headquarter Building, the 1964 Olympic Gymnasium, Akasaka Prince Hotel,...丹下健三...
    - in Omotesando, more than Ito Toyo's Tod's, you will have to find 'the jewels of Aoyama' by Mitsui Jun.. here a photo :
    .. and then just walk down and have diner or a drink in one of the restaurant of Gyre building(Chanel shop, 1f). Diner at the japanese Izakaya Honoji is under 4,000yens including alcohol, if you can, ask for the mezzanine !

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      that is possibly the greatest chowhound reply ever. thanks so much. i'm in india now, trying to figure out what to eat tomorrow, but i'll let you know where i went once i get to japan.

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        Thank you.. yes, it will be with pleasure ! I loovve report, opinions, discoveries..