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Lamb Breast- Where to find?

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I'm eager to experiment with cooking/roasting/braising a lamb breast. Any thoughts about (1) Where to buy? and (2) recipes? Thanks for all suggestions.

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  1. Hi if you find them let me know if you can
    Being living here for about 15 years from Wales and the national meat over there is lamb
    Years ago bucher shops used to sell them for very cheep, a great way of using is to de bone stuff and roll then roast , comes out nice and crips, serve with some fresh steamed veg and mint sauce

      1. Have your inquired at your local butcher? I find the head guy at my local Stop and Shop can get me almost anything I want/need with a little notice. When he can't the local speciality butcher or Whole Foods usually can, again with a little notice.

        I had the most success as DJR-rill and stuff. Flavor is great, presentation is pretty and any leftovers make a great sandwich.

        1. We got one years ago, its so delicious. let me know if you find

          1. So glad you posted this. I found some at Dewar's in Newton a good while ago, in March for St. Patty's day, but oddly it was labeled "lamb tit"!

            I inquired about this nomenclature oddity with a scholar colleague of mine. An Irish literature professor at BC, he told me that 'lamb tit' was a household name for that cut of meat, whose origins began as early as the Luccreth moccu Chíara, the county Kerry poet from 665 AD! And yes, "lamb tit" is certainly a cut that is so very rare on this side of the pond. Made a beautiful Shepard's with it. Also serves up nice with some crisp veg. In the rearmost part of Savenor's one can find a proper Irish mint jelly (brand name is "Ballymalloe") that marries perfectly with lamb tit.

            Ahh, now you've inspired me to get out the pressure cooker!

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              Ballymaloe products are excellent!! I particularly love their country relish. These products come from Ireland's culinary institute (or 'cookery school' as it's called there).


            2. was shopping for lamb not long ago, and wound up at puritan beef on blackstone st. (haymarket) they have whole lambs in the walk-in cooler and will cut and butcher whatever you want. prices were very reasonable.

              if we go too far afield with recipes, the chow powers will move this thread. :)

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                Thank you to all for your enthusiasm and suggestions. As soon as I locate the lamb breast I will post to this thread. I'm eager to cook it. My mom always stuffs a veal breast and it is good, but a little flavorless in the way that veal can be. Give me lamb every time! Stay tuned.