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Dec 30, 2012 01:20 PM

Blender/Food Processor

I'm looking for an all in one unit that can:

- make smoothies from whole fruit, including the seeds
- make nut butters
- mill flour
- crush ice
- chop/grate/slice veggies

I have a stand mixer, so won't need any of those functions.

I was just given a Ninja professional blender and a Nutri Bullet, but would rather have a unit that did it all...unless I do need two different units.

Any recommendations please? Either an upgraded model of the Ninja, or a new system all together?

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  1. I don't have a wide range of experience with different processors or blenders, so I can't give a good idea of which specific model/brand is great for your needs, but I thought I'd chip in with my experience with my processor and blender...

    I have a Blendtec Blender, before it I believe I had a old hand-me-down oster blender (hated it with a passion. could't properly slice air to save itself). I have a pretty tight budget, but a few years ago I saved up and got the blendtec as a treat for myself and it is by far my favorite appliance and I still believe worth every penny. It puts up with everything I throw at it (ice, grains, veggies, frozen fruit, etc) and has never had the slightest issue. I love the tons of things I've been able to do with it. I think you might run into issues for the 'chop/grate/slice veggies' requirement though (the blendtec might be overkill?).

    On the food processor front, and complete flip side on price, I have a Cuisinart MiniPrep Plus that I requested one Christmas. It is about 3-4 cups.
    -Positives: Takes up very little space, good for chopping, dicing (uniform product outcome and suprisingly strong for its size), and mixing things, doesn't hold a large volume (I'm usually only prepping for one or two people).
    -Cons: Volume is problematic when I'm mixing mixtures with a lot of moisture or fluids. It is too small and the liquid ends up leaking from the upper seam as it spins. Also, It seems fragile. It hasn't actually had any issues but I'm constantly afraid I'm pushing its limits.
    I probably wouldn't recommend my particular processor to most cooks, but I enjoy it almost as much as my blendtec (though on different merits of course) and use them almost an equal amount.

    1. I don't know of any of the combo appliances that meet those requirements. I have a vitamix and a cuisinart elite FP and I'm very happy with both.