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No idea what this vegetable is - Help

I was at the farmers market yesterday and one farmer had this vegetable that he told is supposed to be called 'tang sai choy' but I can't find it with that name and this particular farmer is kind of a stoner so I can't rely on his information. I believe its some sort of dandelion green or prickly lettuce. Any idea of what it is?

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  1. Looks like curly endive or chicory. Is it bitter?

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      Must say I didn't get to try it. I'll do it next week for sure.

    2. Hard to tell in the photo, but maybe chrysanthemum greens?

      1. To me it looks like dandelion greens. Definitely looks like it's something in the chicory family.

        1. I think it looks like mizuna.

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            I think Jeri L might be right about mizuna, since the points on dandelion leaves go downward. I think I've seen a type of arugula that looks like this, too. It doesn't look like Chinese watercress (aka water spinach), but the name for that is sai yeung choi. Maybe that's what your stoner farmer meant to say.

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              I noticed the same about dandelion leaves but I think not all varieties go downward. Arugula leaves are actually quite similar to these.

              I don't know if you can get the scale but this thing is huge. Slightly larger than a whole bunch of russian red kale

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                Very interesting. The leaves looked too thin to be kale to me, but the shape is a lot like white peacock kale...

                Here's a picture of that (you have to scroll down on the page):


          2. All the greens you mention are slightly similar but none is just like the one in the picture. I'll try to get a better shot next week and hopefully the farmer will give me some more info on it.

            1. That does look like Mizuna to me.

              1. It's a *variety* of Mizuna (likely, since it's often consumed at the New Year).

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                  I think the New Year's lead doesn't apply in this case (check the extra details in my reply to the guy below).

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                    Oh shoot ... you've probably got a chaya (Mayan tree spinach) cannabis hybrid of some type there. Question is, do you still want to eat it? ... or maybe smoke it?

                2. <one farmer had this vegetable that he told is supposed to be called 'tang sai choy' but I can't find it with that name and this particular farmer is kind of a stoner >

                  How do you know he is a stoner? :)

                  Your farmer may have said "tong sum choy" (通心菜). It means hollow stem veggie. It actually has many names in English as well as in Chinese. It goes by water spinach, river spinach, Chinese spinach...etc. On the other hand, the leaves in photo do not look exact like them.



                  Is your vegetable hollow stem?

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                    Oh boy, you should hear him talk haha.

                    I might have forgot to add some details: The farmers market I visited is in Costa Rica (I'm from Costa Rica) and the farmer is a fellow Costa Rican who enjoys cannabis quite a lot. I did get similar results to the ones you share while googling it, but not the exact variety. I will assume its just a variety of water spinach until I get to talk to the guy and get more information and a proper photo (a friend took it with his iPhone at around 4:00am).

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                      Yeah, I thought they are water spinach, but the more I look at them, the more I don't think they are. They also do not look like Mizuna neither. If I think of a better candidate, I will let you know.

                      P.S.: Maybe it is a new form of cannabis. :P

                  2. Water spinach doesn't have that forking of the leaves -- but this pic does look enough like yours that it could be what Stoner Farmer meant (even if it's wrong)... http://juleslife.wordpress.com/2009/0... Also, I'm pretty water spinach is only available in the late spring and summer.

                    Still think peacock kale is closest with regard to leaf formation, so it may be some variety of mustard.