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Dec 30, 2012 12:54 PM

Where Can I buy fennel sticks?

Anyone have any ideas? I've tried Whole Foods, Gelsons, Surfas, Spice Station, Monsieur Marcel, and a handful of other places but keep striking out. I'd prefer to buy from a local store but would consider online sources too if I could buy a non-bulk quantity.

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  1. I have another idea for you: Since you are only looking to use the woody part the wild stuff should work for you. I don't know about recognizing it during the winter though...that could be a problem.

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    1. Call your nearest Sprouts market and ask them to check the bulk spice section. Or try an Italian deli like Monte Carlo i Burbank. Just make sure the phone clerk knows you are asking for STICKS, not seeds.

      1. I love fennel bulb and fennel seeds, but I've never heard of "fennel sticks". What are the, and what do you do with them?

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          Fennel sticks are the dried/aged stalks of wild fennel plants (the part above ground, while the bulbs are below). If you're using Fergus Henderson's classic recipe*, you wrap them around a rabbit, wrap the whole thing with bacon, nestle in wine, stock, and garlic bulbs, and roast.

          [* which includes the sage advice "Norfolk wild rabbits seem to have an easier time, which is reflected in their flesh, compared to say a Welsh rabbit, the angst in whose life seems to be apparent in the eating" - possibly one of the best cookbook lines ever, but then 'Nose to Tail Eating' has no shortage of great lines...]

          1. re: Bradbury

            Not having easy access to Norfolk wild rabbits where we live, I guess we have no great immediate need for fennel sticks!

        2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I think I'll pass on the foraging though.