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Dec 30, 2012 12:36 PM

In Ensenada --- Señor Marco Tacos aka. Caguatun - New Location

Best seafood tacos in Ensenada. The original property was a house over by Calle Once and Reforma but last Feb (2012) I visited a second location. Sadly, I cannot remember the cross streets for this new more informal style restaurant setting. Can anyone help with the new location address?

Both locations are equally outstanding family run, community patronized places to eat, but get there early as the food runs out usually before 1:00 PM and that is it for the day. I appriciate any help and Merry Christmas / Happy New Year

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  1. The newer location of Tacos Marco Antonio is at Calle Delante & Avenida Juan Mendez. I've not been to this one yet. It's closed on Mondays. I went to the one located on Avenida Rayón between 3 and 4, is that what you mean by the original?

    Here's the photo of sign that suggests the second location. I snapped this to remind myself to try the second next time.

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        What are your favorite items?

        Here's the little video of Sr. Marco showing us how to dress the caguatun.

    1. O.k. What's "caguatun"?


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        Here is the definition from my friend Leeroy Jose who is a local Ensenada entrepreneur (his webebsite - At one time his lived in the original restaurant neighborhood.

        Caguatun, the formal name of the restaurant. Caguatun is a combination of the words caguama (sea turtle) and tuna. But most folks just know the place as Marco Antonio’s seafood tacos. Tacos de Caguatun are made from tuna that has been prepared in the same tomato based sauce old timers used to make turtle soup – delicious without the endangered sea turtle. Even if you are not a big taco enthusiast you need to try these as these are not typical tacos.

      2. I just heard that the new location @ Calle Delante & Avenida Juan Mendez has closed and only the original one @ Av. Rayon(between 3rd and 4th), Ensenada, Mexico is still open. I will know more this Sat when I visit.

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            I just got back to Pasadena 1/2 hour ago and yes only the original is now open. I got that from Senior Marco Antonio himself. Also using the fastpass from the hotel coral - we crossed in 8 minutes ( arrived and 3:11 PM and were on the 5 north by 3:19pm). That was the icing on the cake to our trip.

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              Thanks for letting us know, and I'm tucking away the fastpass info for my next visit.

              But most importantly, what did you eat and did you like it?