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Dec 30, 2012 12:12 PM

ya snooze, ya lose?!?

I'm a yard sale, thrift store and flea market JUNKIE!!

A few things I'm glad I didn't "snooze" on! A HUGE messa Fiestaware dishes... 12 place settings, several extra soup/cereal bowls, gravy boat and cream/sugar set. WAY more than I'd normally spent... but NO chips or noticable wear... and $50!

ALmost snoozed on a "vintage", faded-yellow, crank-up KA stand mixer... with bowl, dough hook, paddle and whisk! Already had a basic, newer model, but then it was HALF PRICE @ $19.99 at Good Will... glad I jumped on that.

Things I did SNOOZE on! Once saw a metal tortilla press and spaetzle maker and passed. Had second thoughts and POOF... gone!

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  1. I would not classify myself as a junkie, but I have enjoyed the same as you mention. Don't go to Flea Markets much, but I will go to a Garage sale once in a while if I read about it or if it catches my eye while passing and I have some extra time. The last time I did so, I was able to purchase a brand new slow cooker/hotplate for 5 bucks in box.

    In the past , I always looked out for cast iron fry pans, Wearever Aluminum Roasters, bottle and wine openers, knives and Corningware casserole dishes.

    1. At a flea market, new Emeril Al-Clad 3.5 liter pot for $12. Now I know why so many hate those thin slippery handles.