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Dec 30, 2012 12:05 PM

White borscht in EV daily?

Any places in EV serving white borscht everyday?

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  1. Veselka has a popular red one. White in general isn't very popular so I'm not sure if you'll find a good one outside of Brighton

    1. According to a find-food-search on menupages, Stage Restaurant (2nd between 7th & 8th):

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      1. The EV Ukrainian national home restaurant might have it, too. I think Veselka offers it occasionally as a special but I haven't seen it recently at any restaurant other than Stage.

        1. Try Little Poland, they usually have it. I don't think Ukrainian Home has it. Last I was there I only noticed Red. Same with Stage.

          1. If only you could go to Theresa's, their white borscht was the best. But they're long gone...

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              They do still exist on Hicks St. in Brooklyn Heights.

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                Its actually on Montague Street off of Hicks.. Seems pretty much same as it was before