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Dec 30, 2012 11:54 AM

New year's day - special occasion restaurants that are open

Hey Chowhounds,
My boyfriend and I are celebrating our anniversary on Jan 1 in the bay. Our first thought was to go to scenic Tomales Bay and eat oysters at Hog Island but they're closed.

I was wondering if you have any suggestions for memorable dining experiences that are open New Year's day. I know Asian restaurants are always an option but we'll be doing a lot of that today with my family -- so we'd prefer something else. Splurge is ok, too :)


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      1. We have the same anniversary, and the same issue. We found that Rivoli in Berkeley, and Ame in SF are both open on the 1st.

        Generally, your best bets are restaurants in hotel properties, because they need to be open to serve the guests. So, you might want to do a Yelp search of hotel restaurants or the like.

        BTW, Happy Anniversary!

        1. Thanks for the ideas!

          Think we might take a hike through Muir Woods and then follow up with dinner at El Paseo (thanks, Robert!).

          Smatbrat, Rapini--will take note of your recommendations in case plans change.

          Happy anniversary to Rapini as well!

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            if you do Muir, check out the Tourist Club