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Dec 30, 2012 11:39 AM

Restaurants in Hawthorne, N.J.

I need recommendations in Hawthorne.

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  1. Bottagra and Justin's come to mind.

    1. You don't give much detail about you are looking for so it's hard to make recommendations. Hawthorne isn't exactly Montclair when it comes to restaurants but there are some passable places. For breakfast and lunch Andy's Corner is pretty good. For Pizza, Hawthorne's Best makes a solid pizza though I wouldn't venture too deep into their menu. Kirkers is OK if you want pub food or pseudo German food. Cuban Flavor is hit or miss. I've had great dishes there and total clunkers.

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        Love Andy's Corner, it's a classic jersey place. Have gotten some darn good eggplant rollatini at Angelia's Deli too,

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          Folks took us to Kirker's many times in the 70's. Remember having their "Garbage Scow" pizza - talk about everything, and topping it off with an entire baked Alaska...believe me, I could eat back then, but no more. Don't remember too much in Hawthorne other than Kirker's. Fond memories, tho. Thanks for the thread.

        2. This great breakfast and lunch place in on Lincoln Avenue. Technically it's in Fair Lawn, but it's across the street from Hawthorne. The food is wonderful, the staff are friendly and it's priced very fairly. And super clean, too. It's called "Lincoln Grill". You will love it!

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            Lincoln Grill is Fair Lawn's (and Hawthorne's) best kept secret. The family/staff that runs the place is incredibly friendly, the food is indeed great, and the prices are very reasonable. During Hurricane Sandy, they were one of the few places in the area that had power. They let people come in and hang out to charge phones, watch TV, etc., all with smiles. This place gets SEVEN stars out of five from me!

          2. Hawthorne is not known for its fine dining. Bottagra on Wagaraw Road is the most upscale in town (I like their appetizer of spinach pasta dumplings).. Justin's on Lafayette Ave is also good for what it is - a local Italian BYOB, nothing surprising on the menu but decent and reasonably priced.

            Agree on Lincoln Grill on Lincoln Ave (east side of Lincoln is Fair Lawn, west side is Hawthorne). Disagree on Hawthorne's Best for pizza; if I have to stay in town for pizza I prefer Puzo's (which also has table service and a full bar) - but not the rest of their menu.

            Goffle Grill has decent deep fried Texas weiners "all the way". Angelina's Italian deli on Lafayette has delicious rice balls and great Italian sandwiches (her daily specials are wonderful). You can pick up a nice meal to go from here.

            1. We have always liked Granada(Spanish Food)People are nice and some things very good-also not as pricey as some other spanish restaurants-Try their chicken and garlic sauce(on the bone of course)