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Dec 30, 2012 11:20 AM

How to incorporate turkey necks into stuffing?

I have decided not to stuff my turkey for a multitude of reasons but would love that flavor that the turkey juices add. I've read that a few people like to incorporate the turkey necks into the stuffing. What would be the best way to do this? Can I just simmer them with an onion and garlic and seasonings while the turkey is cooking and then cut up the meat and mix it in with the broth into the stuffing?

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  1. I would probably cook first then mince the meat and juices together in a food processor and put that into the stuffing and then cook. Smoking the neck prior to cooking might be interesting.

    1. After you've simmer them and they have cooled use a small pairing knife to scrap the meat off the bones. Tip: The meat scraps off a lot easier scraping in one direction than the other plus you get more of the meat. I learned that from an ancient Chines cook.

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        What do you usually put in the water when you simmer? How long?

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          I like to put all the giblets in the water: liver, hearts etc...I usually leave out the kidney though. Then chop it all when done, get as much meat off the neck as you can but there won't be much. Chop up the livers and hearts too for a heartier flavor. In the water I also put onion, celery etc which get thrown out before the stuffing, which has its own fresh vegetables. Also some spices like thyme, parsley and poultry seasoning, and a bay leaf.

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            this -- I use the hearty stock to make my gravy, but it would be rockin' in the dressing, too.

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              I use it for both, there's usually enough.

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              For the love of all things holy, don't use the livers that way. They are the chef's reward for cooking the bird. Be good to yourself and, at least, saute them and spread on a piece of crusty, toasted bread. Should you feel particularly deserving, chicken fry them, make yourself a martini, hide away in the kitchen, eat, and smile.

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                  just the turkey liver....I made myself a great big pan of chicken livers last night.

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                    I like the livers in the stuffing, but I guess that's just me. Adds so much richness. Anyway it's only one per turkey, usually.