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ISO meat pies

The local bakery in highland village (East Scarborough) went under in the past year, and I've lost my source for meat pies. I'm sure they didn't make them from scratch, but rather bought them wholesale uncooked, then baked them in house. I started eating these when they were sold at the shopsy's counter within loblaws 35+ years ago, and now I'm suffering without my essential comfort food.

These are not scotch pies, though they are often sold side-by-side. They are like mini-tourtière pies, in a metal tin. Anyone know where I can find these, preferably in scarborough/pickering?

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  1. High Street Fish and Chips at 55 Underhill (DVP and Lawrence) makes their own beef/chicken pies in-house. The pastry is wonderful and they're not skimpy with the meat. A bit pricey, but worth the money.

    1. No Scarborough, but Flaky Tart on Mt. Pleasant makes lovely meat pies.

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        I've seen them mentioned here for butter tarts also, so that might be worth a trip.

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          Yes, her butter tarts are my favourite in the city. And you might want to call ahead about the meat pies. They usually have a stock in the freezer, but if you have a special request for a certain number, it's good to be safe. They have both tourtieres and British-style pies.

      2. But 'n' Ben is a Scottish bakery and butcher. They have locations in Pickering and Scarborough. I've only been to the Scarborough location which is on Ellesmere near McCowan. It's considered their "butcher" shop, but it carries all of their baked goods including meat pies for immediate eating or for reheating at home. They also rent kilts! Maybe the Pickering location has even more baked goods?

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          Close enough to make a trip, though these look more English style (steak and kidney), than the regular ground beef ones I'm after. My father will love this place though, so thanks for the lead!

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            I've just recalled another place: Highland Fish & Chips on Ellesmere right by the UofT Scarborough campus. I think they have both the chunky and minced variety of meat pies. I have only been once and it was a few years ago. It is a sit down place so would be better than But 'n' Bens if you want to take your Dad.

        2. The Bristol Yard - on Christie St, just north of the park

          1. I did check out But 'n' Ben in Pickering: nice staff (helpful and patient - important when you have 40 items on display with no signage to describe any of them).

            Important to note that it is this bakery in Pickering that supplies ALL the fish and chips places referenced in this thread!

            I picked up some steak pies and scotch pies, but sadly did not find the simple ground beef in a pie shell that I'd always assumed was ubiquitous in Toronto, at least 30 years ago. Scotch pies are close, but fattier and with a harder crust.

            As noted in another current tread, Saucier foods was a wholealer to local bakeries until closing last year (it's owner Roger Wils returning to the restaurant biz), leaving a real vacuum in the world of those who love the pie that probably rivals the "healthiness" of poutine.

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              A couple of weeks ago I bought a steak and kidney pie in a Brit shop in Orangeville. When I got it home I discovered it was made by But N Ben--about 2-3 miles away::((. Anyway it was very tasty but I'm not sure it was what you are looking for.

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                Yes: BnB seems to supply everybody (full list at http://www.butnbenbakery.com/Contact_...), but you are correct about them not having what I'm looking for (which means all the fish and chip places don't have what I'm looking for either, since they are all supplied by BnB).

                That leaves flaky tart as the only possibility mentioned in this thread that I haven't tried, and I won't make it this trip.

            2. if you are ever out Cambridge way you have to check out.

              Rising Dough Scottish Bakery & Coffee Shop
              927 King St. E Cambridge, ON

              they make all their pies cakes and breads in house, went by there on my way from St Jacobs and picked up a Mince Meat pie, $6 for an 8 inch pie, and it was terrific. they have a little restaurant set up so you can sit and enjoy some Scottish fare.

              1. Reesor's farm kitchen makes ground beef pies. And while you're there check out the delicious corn! The farm market in Markham is open for the summer so it's a little closer than Stouffville.


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                  Going to try to get to Reesor's this weekend. I found their website a little lacking in describing what they have to sell!!. Can you tell me what sticks in your mind??

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                    The corn is amazing! They have local produce from southwestern Ontario. I'm fond of the molasses crinkle cookies......they also have these coconut raspberry tarts that are so addictive, betcha can't just have one! I think their meat is antibiotic free. I'm not overly fond of the fruit pies....something about the filling I don't like. And I'm not sure if the farm market carries everything that's available at the kitchen......I know for sure kitchen doesn't carry everything at the market. Just so you don't do the drive out and find them closed.....they're closed on Sundays. They also have a facebook page if you want to post questions.

                2. I have just found the best meat pies in the unlikeliest places, MacMillan Farms out in Ajax.These are the best I've found in the GTA. Very flakey pastry that puffed up when baked. Flavorful filling that was moist with sauce. The price was pretty good too, $3.95 for a 4inch pie. I bought one each of Steak, Steak & Kidney, Chicken and Meat Pie (which look like the ones non sequitur described). So far I've had the chicken and meat pie. The chicken was a combination of dark and white meat with peas and carrots held together by a white gravy. The Meat Pie was just ground beef and sauce like a scotch pie but not as dry.

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                    +1 for MacMillan Orchards (not Farms). Just had the chicken pie last night and the volume of filling to crust is awesome. They are a steal for under $4.