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Dec 30, 2012 11:11 AM

country ham emergency

I soaked an Edwards ham for about 36 hours at room temp without changing the water and just now when I rinsed it off to cook it I noticed that it smells rather unpleasant. Anyone? I usually cook Smithfield brand hams and soak them for a day or two but I usually change the water ever twelve hours or so. Anybody ever cook an Edwards ham that was smelling a bit off? These oldschool country hams do naturally have a bit of a stank to them but it seems a bit much this time.

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  1. Never mind, now that I have gotten it started cooking it smells delightful!

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    1. re: antepiedmont

      I was going to suggest a thorough rinsing and just going for it. I'm glad you did! Save me a slice?

    2. Sweet - what time is dinner?

      1. I'll come over and taste-test every single bite!

        1. Next time change the water a few times during that 36 hours.