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Dec 30, 2012 11:04 AM

Best place for idli in Queens?

Looking for tips on where to find the best idli in Queens.

I gather that Temple Canteen may be the best bet, although can anyone confirm whether idli is only available on weekdays there?

And any thoughts on Dosa Delight? They seem to have an idli/vada plate, but I've seen mostly mixed reviews for the place.

I'm also a fan of Rajbhog Sweets, but unclear whether they serve idli or only have them frozen to take home.

Info on the above ideas, or new places I don't know about, all most welcome. Thanks!

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  1. I'll make the attempt, though I haven't been to either temple canteen or rajbhog in a while.

    Temple canteen has the best idli I've had in queens, and they've had them every time I've gone, both on weekdays and weekends. But I haven't been in at least six months, so maybe that's changed.

    Rajbhog also used to serve idli to eat in, but the one time I tried it I don't remember it being that good.

    really good idli with good fresh coconut chutney has been one of my food holy grails in the nyc area. Found a decent one years ago in jersey city, but I can't help thinking that there must be even better out there somewhere.

    1. i prefer Dosa Hutt next door to the canteen, I love there fried idli also, it is the perfect balance of fried and fluffy and the sauce is just on point. give it a go!

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        I've never even heard of fried idli, but am suspicious, because to me the whole point of idli is its soft, pillowy fluffiness. Too often it's dense and gummy. It seems to me that frying it would make it taste more like dosa or uttapam. But I'll give it a go one of these days.

        And what is the sauce? Is it coconut chutney or sambar?

        1. re: missmasala

          hey there miss, sorry for the late reply. the sauce is a brown sweet spicy sauce, the idli are soft and fluffy still, nothing like a dosa or uttapam. really have to try it its nice. i have a pic somewhere on my drive from a few years ago i will try to find it..definitly not sambar or the chutney