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Dec 30, 2012 09:17 AM

Where can I buy napa cabbage and wonton wrappers in NW DC?


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  1. I'm about an hour south of DC, & honestly every single regular supermarket around here carries both those items - including Walmart. You really shouldn't have much difficulty finding them.

    1. I second Bacardi 1

      I am NW DC into Montgomery Co and I don't think there is a grocery store that doesn't carry both.

      1. almost every grocer from Safeway to TJ to YES! to Whole Food will have the wrappers, sometimes in the vegetable section, sometimes in dairy, ask or look wherever tofu is found. Napa cabbage, well, you may have to hit a branch of a supermarket who's likely to find it in demand (they do tailor the product to the demographic) but then they'll have the wrappers too.

        best bet - any store that doesn't relegate soy sauce to an "ethnic food" aisle.

        1. I agree. Every Whole Foods certainly has both.

          1. BEmama here. Thanks all for responding. I found them at Bethesda Giant, but will check out WF and Georgetown Safeway the next time. As there are more Asian Americans in DC suburbs than DC proper, I wondered if I would be less likely to find in District. I do not cook a lot of Asian-infuenced dishes, so am less familiar with District options. Again, thanks all for responding.

            What about TOASTED sesame oil? Am having a really hard time finding that.

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              TOASTED sesame oil - I have this at Giant and Shoppers. I am sure H-Mart has it

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                I've found it in regular supermarkets. WF will definitely have it. If you have access to a car, you might consider a field trip to a large asian market in NoVa or MD.