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Dec 30, 2012 09:13 AM

Homemade pasta storage help please!

I'm making homemade pasta for NYE. I want to make the pasta today, but don't know how to store it until tomorrow. Should I leave it out, put it in the fridge or freeze it. It's only one night.


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    1. Don't freeze it. You can refrigerate it, wrapped fairly tight. Or you can dry it overnight, which changes the texture when cooked. I have had good success with the refrigerator method. Good Luck and Happy New Year.

      1. I've made homemade pasta (extra fancy (extra fine) durum flour, salt, eggs) with fresh parsley (I prefer the curly parsley, which has a stronger flavor) and stored it by freezing after I let it air dry for at least 2 hrs (preferably at least 4 hrs of drying). I have also let it air dry for about 8 - 12 hrs and it still looked fine, then wrapped it in plastic to prevent too much drying. Absolutely nothing bad happens after you let it air dry for the times that I stated earlier, then put it into the freezer. Freezing it does not seem to change the taste and may have actually helped the moisture to more evenly distribute.

        I was always worried about storing the pasta in the refrigerator for any prolonged length of time because I was afraid of getting added moisture from the refrigerator, which could make it soggy, stick together, or susceptible to mold. However, I have not tested out the refrigerator storage method to say for sure and will give you an update if I decide to try it.

        I also want to find out what happens if you completely dry out the pasta to enable you to store it at room temp? This would free up a lot of freezer space. Would it still taste good like the freezer storage method? Considering my homemade pasta has egg, completely drying it out may not work.