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Dec 30, 2012 08:48 AM

La Sirene, Cercle Rouge, La Silhouette or something else?!?

Hi, I was trying to figure out a nice French place for dinner, something without breaking the bank so no Daniel and the likes. I came across positive reviews for the 3 that I mentioned in the title. I'm looking for delicious, big flavors, hearty French and if the place has a good Foie Gras entree, that would be awesome! Any suggestions on which of the 3 (or something else) should I try? I also considered places like Buvette, Calliope and LeGigot. Thank you!

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  1. Rouge et Blanc is one to consider

    1. La Sirene has great food and the added advantage of being BYO so my dinners there are usually about $125 (inclusive) for 2 plus the cost of my own wine. La Silhouette may be better but it costs more and the service has left something to be desired..

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Can you compare French coast to nice Matin?

        2. -Cercle Rouge, although having great seared foie gras and a good foie pate, is more like a bistro ( like Pastis, or Balthazar).
          -La Silhouette has more the food you are looking for, but it is a bit pricey.
          -Lucien ( EV) is very French. They have nice bouillabaisse, also reasonably priced. Seating is a bit tight.
          - Chez Jacqueline, has been in W. Village for ages, the food is French, perhaps a bit old fashioned, but reasonable and consistent.
          - Raoul's ,in SoHo has been around for many years. I know someone who was a chef there and moved on to Le Bernadin, and later opened his own place. I haven't been to Raoul's in over 5 years but it might turn out to be a good choice.
          -- Paradou- I enjoy the 5 different foie gras tasting there.
          --- Rouge et Blanc- I always think of as Vietnamese, but seems they do have French dishes.
          ----Too bad Le Metairie is no longer around

          1. "Big flavors" and "hearty" does not describe La Silhouette. The restaurant tries more to be on the haute cuisine side of the equation. It's also going to cost you much more that I presume you'd want to spend. Been there a few times, with hits and misses.

            Le Gigot is OK with typical French bistro fare but with terrible wine list and this is inexcusable for any French bistro.

            The only other place that I've been to in your list is La Sirene. Now,, this one showcases big flavors, hearty, rustic, good provincial French. No wine list here, but it's 100% byob. Enjoyed all the times I've dined there.