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Dec 30, 2012 07:48 AM

Best Lobster in Austin

Where is the best place in Austin to eat lobster?

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  1. your house when central market has them for $9.99 a pound a couple times a year.

    but if you insist on spending the money, Trueluck's does a pretty good job, as does Eddie V's.

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    1. I haven't been yet, but Quality Seafood apparently does Maine Lobsters every saturday I think for twenty bucks a person. Not sure the size though.

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        Quality Seafood flies the lobsters in from Maine every Saturday and they are available until they sell out. I have had their lobster one time and it was very good. Nothing fancy just a straight steamed lobster like you would find in a lobster shack in the northeast. It's served with drawn butter and nothing else, although their sides are inexpensive (~$2 each).

        As for the size, in my experience, they vary from about 1-2 pounds and there is no rhyme or reason as to the size you get. They are all priced the same at $19.99. We had two for our table and one was probably 1.25lb and the other about 1.5lb. Overall, very good and probably the freshest you can find in the area for the price.

        1. re: austineatsworld

          Okay, sounds like a must try. Thanks for the feedback. I've had Maine lobsters caught that morning steamed on the banks of Moosehead lake. That's exactly the way the Mainers eat them, just butter and steam. Anything else would just be indelicate.

      2. See Clarks Oyster Bar thread. I bet the lobster there is fabulous. I've only had crab but it was truly wonderful.