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Dec 30, 2012 07:38 AM

Regal Garden Chinese Restaurant new location Bloor & Euclid very nice owners!

The Wong's have moved from Bloor and Crawford to Bloor and Euclid.
643 Bloor St. West. Former Pho Ngon location (also super nice owner, she retired and sold).
Not sure if they updated their address on the website yet. They just opened up here at on the south side.
(Lease expired, swaped a better location).
We had the fried green beans, tofu and mix veg, and Cantonese Ha Chau Fan (shrimp fried rice, no soy sauce).
Delightful owners, fresh ingredients.
We are so glad they moved further east, we are going to be regulars.
Rosanna (Mrs. Wong) gave us her personal home made chili oil.
Pinch me, I feel so lucky.
Please share so we can keep them busy!
Lunch specials are super student friendly.

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