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Dec 30, 2012 06:41 AM

Japanese Restaurant Rocks in Hillsdale NJ MATSU

Just ate at Matsu Restaurant in Hillsdale NJ on Blvd. with my wife and kids. The place was clean and cozy. The staff was courtious and well attentive to even my son who is very picky. We had a wonderful time the food was fresh, Great portion, beautifly presented, and dinner was moderately priced. Its a bring your own so bring a bottle with you.

I spoke with the owner and complimented her on how wonderful everything was. She thanked me and modestly admitted that they were just chosen 201's #1 Japanese restaurant readers choice. She was humble and very sweet and graciously thank us for comming.
I can see why this place has a following. It Rocks!!!

Will definetely return.

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  1. "201's #1 Japanese restaurant readers choice"... of any particular publication?

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    1. Not sure my friend, She said she just received a call the other day and was receiving a award for Bergen County soon. The woman was excited and thankful for her customers. I thought the info was cool so I just passed it on.