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What to do with 5lbs of roasted lamb?

Hi, I have way too much leftover roasted lamb, and the only thing that comes to mind is "Greek" sandwiches.

Can anyone offer suggestions for leftover roasted lamb?

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    1. mince it and make moussaka

      1. Chop it up and make shepards pie

        Lamb curry

        Lamb pasties

        James Beard's leftover lamb casserole is a really good starting point and then you can add your own spin ie: sub potatoes or another grain for the rice, add some roasted garlic, change up the spices, etc

        1. Divide it up into meal size portions, depending on the family size, and freeze it in Zip locks.

          1. Last night I was watching Meet Joe Black and the characters were discussing an awesome-sounding sandwich: cold lamb with cilantro and Colemans mustard. I mean to try that.

            Agree also with idea of freezing small amounts; even better if you have gravy to drizzle over.

            1. Scotch broth is another possibility.

                1. Lamb hash; onions, potatoes and lamb dice. Fry.

                  1. Lamb curry in the crockpot. Cut it into bite-size chunks and put it in the crock pot with an 8-oz can of tomato sauce, garlic powder, salt, curry powder, chopped onions, a whole bag of frozen peas, 1/2 cup of flour, and water until the crock is three-quarters full. Use a lot of the meat as the curry freezes perfectly and will be a treasure to find in the freezer on a busy day. Cook this on low for about six hours until the onions are done, the sauce is thick and the meat is falling apart. Taste, then correct the seasoning. Add a little hot red pepper if you like your curry hot. Serve with rice. The peas make all the difference; don't leave them out.

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                      can you really put cooked lamb in the crock pot for six hours ?

                    2. shepard's pie. pull it apart and mix it with mashed potatoes or rice or serve on hoagies or in pitas with some hummus or babaganoush -

                      1. Cornish pasty--make sure it weighs two pounds!! Mulligatawny soup, bubble & squeak, plain ole kare kambing (lamb/mutton curry from Indonesia). Recipes can be found widely online.

                        1. Forgot to include easy Irish Lamb Stew!!

                          1. Although this New York Times article discusses leftover lamb shanks, you could do the same with your leftover lamb...there are several recipes that looks good:


                            1. Make a giouvetsi without the lamb, and add pieces of lamb once the orzo is almost finished cooking, to warm through.

                              Ravioli http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.co...

                              leftover lamb recipes: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/500596

                              1. My mother used to serve slices of cold leftover leg of lamb for dinner, along with pancakes and maple syrup. I am not, however, recommending that you follow her example. She was a great cook, so this meal perplexed me.