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Dec 30, 2012 06:12 AM

What to do with 5lbs of roasted lamb?

Hi, I have way too much leftover roasted lamb, and the only thing that comes to mind is "Greek" sandwiches.

Can anyone offer suggestions for leftover roasted lamb?

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    1. mince it and make moussaka

      1. Chop it up and make shepards pie

        Lamb curry

        Lamb pasties

        James Beard's leftover lamb casserole is a really good starting point and then you can add your own spin ie: sub potatoes or another grain for the rice, add some roasted garlic, change up the spices, etc

        1. Divide it up into meal size portions, depending on the family size, and freeze it in Zip locks.

          1. Last night I was watching Meet Joe Black and the characters were discussing an awesome-sounding sandwich: cold lamb with cilantro and Colemans mustard. I mean to try that.

            Agree also with idea of freezing small amounts; even better if you have gravy to drizzle over.