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Dec 30, 2012 05:41 AM

Jersey Diner, Dayton (Former Big Ed's BBQ)

I was never crazy about any of the diners in my area, so was encouraged to see one open with the defiance to call itself The Jersey Diner. It's at the intersection of Routes 522 and 130 and is accessible from both roads. Alas, this place doesn't pass for a diner, let alone a Jersey Diner and certainly not THE Jersey Diner. The decor and furnishings are mom & pop luncheonette, and not in a warm & fuzzy way like Teddy's in Cranbury. I can't recall eating at a chintzier looking place.

The menu states "We use strictly FRESH eggs." Well that settles that. I went for the American cheese omelet. Decent, good home fries and coffee. The quest continues for a local diner to call my own.

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