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Dec 30, 2012 03:30 AM

Ft Pierce- update on what's good.

We'll be staying in Ft Pierce in February to escape the worst of our French winter. Its not that bad, but we also need a return to 'home' cuisine every so often.

Thus, we're looking for recommendations as to where to eat &/or food shop in the Ft Pierce area. We're game for any type of food; EXCEPT French. We'd love to have your suggestions!

Thanks & Happy New Year to all.

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  1. i drive for a living and a true south florida road foodie, im in ft pierce 3 times a week and the area is a poor poor restaurant area, all chains except dales barbeque which has great ribs, to the south of there in port st lucie is all chains also and i never go north of ft pierce to vero so cant say much, good luck

    1. Ft Pierce is pretty bad. If you're staying on the South Island, just drive south on A1A to Jensen Beach or Stuart. If you're on the North Island, go up A1A to Vero.

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        Thanks to both of you for the advice. Better to know in advance than to arrive blind.

        A further question: What is/ where is a the best restaurant within a hour's drive of Ft Pierce?
        We may as well try to plan at least one culinary treat for ourselves.

        1. re: Yank

          11 Maple in Jensen Beach is certainly a nearby contender. There are numerous places in the Palm Beach area.

      2. You should try New England Fish market in Jensen Beach. It's as nice a seafood market as I have ever seen. They have great daily specials, (20% off salmon on Wednesday, and it's really nice salmon) and the lobster prices have been great for the last few months. It's worth the short drive.

        1. Give Norris's a try - great ribs - but other options...

          Chucks seafood was ok

          Buoy 12 gets good reviews on yelp

          Publix for shopping is best option - nearest Whole Foods is an hour or more south in palm beach gardens

          1. 12A Buoy in Ft. Pierce has always been wonderful any time I've been there. I've also heard great things about 11 Maple Street.