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Dec 30, 2012 03:27 AM

Asheville for the weekend

Hi all
I will be spending my first weekend in Asheville in February and I am looking for suggestions for all meals. Price is not as much of a concern as food wne selection and atmosphere. The parameters: one of the 2 dinners needs to be Italian and we are looking less for "well executed" southern cusine to other options. We will also need suggestions for breakfasts and lunches. Thanks in Advance

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  1. Adrienne,

    My suggestion is to forget the Italian parameter and look for the best food. If you are tied to Italian, go to Cucina 24.

    1) Over Easy
    2) Sunny Point
    3) Early Girl

    1) Limones
    2) Table
    3) Chestnut

    1) Admiral
    2) Table
    3) Zambra/Cucina

    If you like cocktails as much as wine, do MG Road

    1. Totally agree with winefuhrer! Asheville is filled with great local food and priced reasonably. Cocktails at Sazerac too!

      1. Thank you both!
        I believe we are unfortunately tied to the Italian but I am sure we can make it work. Sounds like I will enjoy my weekend in Asheville.
        Happy New Year

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          May I ask why Italian is a must? There just really aren't any great ones (I'm still looking) and Asheville has SO many good restaurants that would be much better choices. Also, if you search the southeast board for Asheville, you'll find a ton of existing threads with recommendations. That might help you narrow it down.

          1. re: adi

            Another Italian option would be West First in Hendersonville (not a bad drive) at dinner time. Otherwise, I would agree w/ Cucina 24 although I have had hit or miss experiences there. Modesto I have not been to in a while, but it was hit or miss as well. Also, Nona Mia was not bad the one time I was there and had the farmhouse pizza (or some similar name).

            I agree with Winefuhrer on most recs, but will just toss out there for argument that I think Table and Early Girl suck, and Limones is just so-so. I would add to the list of suggestions The Junction and White Duck for lunch and Storm for dinner. Also, I'd point out the Sunny Point and Over Easy make nice lunches if you are up for 3 full meals a day. Oh...and 12 Bones is another good lunch ...downtown version only opened M-F. Sweeten creek has Sat too.

            1. re: danna


              I have read many mixed reviews concerning Table. I have always had good experiences, drinks, wine, service. Have you been disappointed in a certain aspect or just everything (I assume "suck" could mean everything)?

              1. re: winefuhrer


                I too have always had great dining experiences at Table. 'Suck' is simply a word that would not / could not apply to Table. It's one of my favorite places for dinner.

                If you like offal, this is one of the top three in town (Admiral and Cucina 24 are also right up there) ~ I call ahead just to find out if sweetbreads are on the menu.


                If you've only had dinner there once, and it was long ago, you might want to give them another try. Especially since Imperial Life has opened upstairs.

                1. re: winefuhrer

                  I too had a very so-so experience at Table and didn't see what all the fuss was about. Thankfully, we weren't paying. Not that it was bad, it just didn't live up to its price point. However, that was over 5 years ago so am curious about trying it again. And also to visit the upstairs.

                  We have had good experiences with Limones, although the food quality ranged a bit depending on what we got.

                  Have had mixed experiences at Zambras. Sometimes amazing, sometimes "eh".

                  Don't let anyone talk you into going to Vincenzo's for the Italian. We were not impressed. Not even a little.

                  I also agree with danna's suggestions of The Junction, White Duck and Storm. My husband thinks the Junction is even better than the Admiral by a smidge (blasphemy!! lol). :)

                  I would like to try Chestnut. Haven't been there yet, but we like Corner Kitchen.

                  1. re: winefuhrer

                    It has, in fact, been several years since I tried Table, but we gave it two goes because of all the positive reviews here, but the second time didn't help. I remember specifically a very mediocre sandwich, bad fries and a cheese plate that seemed Sysco-esque. It's a beautiful space, and the menu always looks enticing, but we just came away disappointed. Nancy, I'm sure you're right, but life is pretty short, and Asheville has so many new restaurants popping up all the time.

                    I don't mean to disrespect other opinions, just to add a dissent!

              2. We visited The Blackbird last night for New Years and greatly enjoyed our experience. The food was very good, well priced and the wine selections were good as well. I highly recommend it as a dinner option. We also enjoyed our starter cocktails.

                1. The other recommendations are good. If you need Italian, Vincenzo's is actually quite good and they have great happy hour appetizer prices..