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Dec 30, 2012 02:53 AM

Best Apple Cider Recipe?

I just had the most fantastic apple cider drink at Eleven Madison Park in New York. I emailed them for the recipe, but just in case they won't divulge it...what are your best recipes for this comforting drink?

What I liked about the one I had was the pure apple juice, hint of orange flavor, and that you could taste the alcohol, but not too much. It also was sweet but not sickeningly so. Very balanced. There was star anise and cinnamon in the glass. I think there may have been some sort of brandy rather than (or in addition to) rum.

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  1. If they don't get back to you within a week, let us know. Also what was the name?

    Was this it?
    Sleepy Hollow
    London Dry Gin, Amaro Abano, Chambéry Blanc Vermouth,
    Apple Cider, Spiced-Pumpkin, Lemon, Egg White

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    1. re: JMF

      Ok, I will.

      It was a seasonal drink for the holidays and it may have simply been called Apple Cider, but I'm not 100% sure.

      I made a small batch last night with apple juice, rum, brandy, lots of orange peel, cinnamon, star anise, & lots of cloves. It was somewhat similar to the EMP version.

    2. They sent me the recipe:

      5 oz Honey Crisp Apple Cider

      2 oz Jim Beam Black Bourbon

      ½ oz Lemon Juice

      ½ oz Demerara Simple Syrup (1:1)

      Nutmeg/Cinnamon/Star Anise to taste

      I'm really surprised that there isn't any orange peel, I could have sworn it had a hint of orange flavor.