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Dec 29, 2012 09:52 PM

Sunday Lunch around Union Station

Where can a family of 4 New Yorkers and 1 LA person find good Mexican or Chinese restaurants around Union Station

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  1. Yang Chow. On Broadway north of Alpine. Highlight will be the slippery shrimp -- crispy in a sweet/sour/hint of spice sauce. Order the spicy wonton soup from the specialties menu. Get the eggplant and/or the green beans. Supplement with a chicken dish and pork or beef.

    1. Neither Mexican or Chinese but another choice almost across the street from Union Station is one of LA's historic landmark restaurants, Philippe's home of the French Dip sandwich since 1908. I love their lamb dip with cheese & their homemade hot mustard. Line up and order at the counter and your sandwich is carved to order, ask for “single-dip”, double-dip” or “wet” (I like double-dip) & save room for some pie.