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Dec 29, 2012 09:50 PM

Nopalito, Chocolate Lab, Marcella's Lasagneria, SF report w/ pics

Friday 12/28/12 Muni celebrated their 100 anniversary with FREE Muni rides so I took the N-Judah over there, got off by the Starbuck's on Irving & walked the block & half to the restaurant.

FREE fried garbanzo beans with a bit of spice. I liked it, but I tried to avoid fried things so only ate a few.

Caldo tlapeno $6 - small bowl of chicken broth soup with some veggies & avocado. It came with 2 corn tortillas housemade there. Just ok for me. Not spicy at all.

Fish taco $4.75 - just one corn tortilla & a fat slab of fish that was seared, some tiny orange slices, onions, salsa couldn't taste. Small slice of lime with it on the side. Tasted just ok, nothing special.

One tiny almond cookie given with the bill. Charged my total $11.66 before tip. One unisex bathroom in the back.
After going to some museums I decided to make the trip to Chocolate Lab with the FREE Muni ride I got on Fri 12/28/12. Took the T-Line from Muni Montgomery stop which was easy & exited on 23rd St & just walked back 1 block, then up the street.

It's a very blue building with green trim. Inside is pretty small, some table seating & a counter.

You can get Sparking or Still Water FREE. I got Sparkling, it was nice & just one glass brought to me.

I picked Ice Cream Sundae $9 - It's way OVERPRICED! It's Mr. & Mrs. Misc. ice cream that's just on Third St, so I could have just gotten that for way less. Burnt Caramel ice cream topped with Recchiuti Burnt Caramel Hazelnuts, almonds, peanut butter pearls, mouse-made marshmallows & a side of extra-bitter chocolate sauce to pour. Girl poured a lot of the sauce for me which I wish she didn't, I could have poured what I wanted. I thought overall it was just ok, but too Expensive.

Charged it. They have Savory foods that others seem to like better. Maybe I'll go back, but not in any hurry.

One unisex bathroom.

Sun 12pm-5pm
Tues-Th 11am-10pm
F & Sat 11am-11pm
I've read good things about Marcella's Lasagneria & Cucina, but I never could get there because only open M-F. Well, I noticed it on my way to Chocolate Lab & it's just across the street from there. Take the T-Line & get off 23rd St, go back to 22nd & up the street.

After my dessert at Chocolate Lab I decided to stop in. Very Happy I did.

I got the Wild Mushroom Lasagna to go $8.75 + .74 tax = $9.49, charged it. It was the Best Lasagna I've had in Forever! They really know how to make Lasagna. Lots of cheese, smooth pasta, lots of mushrooms. Just delicious!

Closed Sat & Sun, Plus New Years Eve & New Years Day.

Next week Jan 2-4, 2013 they'll have Black Truffles Lasagna with White Cream Sauce!

If you're in the Dogpatch M-F you must get some Wild Mushroom Lasagna!!

M-F 11:30am-3pm; 5-7pm
CLOSED: Weekends

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  1. Great write-up! Thanks for the tips about Chocolate Lab (sounds like dog breed, no? hehe) and Lasagneria. Both on my to-do list now! I really haven't explored too much of Dog Patch/Potrero area, but it seems to be the latest up n coming!

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      1. Glad to hear you enjoyed Marcella's! Continues to surprise me how few have taken advantage of this little gem. Maybe the addition of evening hours will make it easier for 'hounds to explore.

        Chowdown report

        1. Your post inspired me to go...had the mushroom and it was as you described. Quite cheesy, smooth and tasty considering so many layers but wished there were more shrooms. I missed the truffle lasagne by a day as I was very interested in trying it. The son said his father has connections in Italy for truffles so it will definitely appear again soon...maybe next week I believe. I will be back to try the truffle one.

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